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The Kittens Of Doom

Three weeks old today.

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“What Are My Options?”

Oh yes, here we go again.

Creator: “What are my options?”

Apple: “Right now, there aren’t any options that I could give you for this.”


A Note To All Corporate Ass-Kissers

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The Trillion-Dollar Web Question

The Trillion-Dollar Web Question

So, Sports Illustrated takes a second shot at doing an e version, one that will pass Apple’s Section 3.3.1.

It’s superior to the first.

But if this is HTML5 — basically a tarted-up website — and not something that’s downloaded to a device to keep … how do you turn that into money?

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And Now It’s Just Kittens

Updating: First Kittens … Now Cash?

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads

Those who think mass media will go away, this is a lesson in why not. How many people might have complained about this policy on blogs and in forum messages? It took TV coverage to get action.

I read the messages about this in this forum and someone had even appealed directly to Jobs:

I’ve been e-mailing Steve Jobs for weeks now – at least six total emails over four weeks, telling him how badly I felt that I couldn’t buy an iPad since I didn’t have a credit/debit card.

And now this? A TV station picks it up and she gets a free iPad?

(I’ve edited the post due to some disgusting remarks in it. In fact, too many of the posts there evidence a clueless smugness that is downright disgusting, so I wouldn’t advise going there.)

So, if TV like that ever goes away, good luck with your complaints!