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iPad Links: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kitten Status: Three of three still alive. They are not yet a week old. Anything can happen.

Like Jimmy Carter’s “I will never lie to you” BS: “Authentic” is dead
Gary Null: Alt Med Supplement Guru Nearly Killed By Own Product
Suit: Raunchy Wall Street CEO Offers to Make Young Employee ‘Cumm,’ Sends Her His Jerk-Off Video, Fires Her
Where are You on the Financial Food Chain

To put it into perspective what takes a minimum wage worker an hour to make, takes Warren under 8 micro seconds to earn.

Facebook Tries to Make Violations of Terms of Use Into Criminal Violations
The Social House of Cards

Have an online store? What you need to do by July 1
The Mobile Internet Era Is Upon Us

Mistakes I’ve made, and what you might be able to learn from them
The Ghost Protocol – Digital Identity for Immortals
Disinvestment banking: Regent Reborn
What I Learned This Week: Prism Math (Or How $25 = $1,000)

The Knowledge Age – Learn To Appreciate It
The Big Bang Was an Explosion OF Space, Not IN Space
Scientists Explain Why Computers Crash But We Don’t
The Intellectual Situation
30 Ways You Can Spot Fake Online Reviews
Loneliness, like flu, is “infectious”, study finds
Celebrate the misfits

webOS on Tegra 2 kthxbai: HP drops Windows 7 from ‘Slate’ tablet, will use WebOS variant

Q.&A.: iTunes Account Without a Credit Card
No physical home address, no iPad 3G!
3G iPad’s ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan Survives Torture Test
iLounge: iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G – Our Pre-Review Findings (Updated: Battery + 3G Results)
Hire Librarians, Apple! Apple Quietly Fixes iPad’s Broken App Store Revealing 1,422 Games
iPad: A dead end sign for Microsoft?
How to Jailbreak Your iPad in 5 min.
Jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit
How to Jailbreak the iPad
How To: Run iPhone Apps on the iPad Without Pixel Doubling
AppSync for iPad 3.2 Jailbreak Firmware
Dropbox Arrives on the iPad !
How to add a camera to your iPad
ShutterSnitch Beams Photos from Camera to iPad
WeMedia’s iPad Economy
The iPad and I
The iPad: Thoughts After One Month
InDesign flubs CSS in ePub for exported lists
iPad DODOcase

Apple Steps Up Pace of Deals in Race for Startups
How Apple is breaking the law with the App Store
My Letter To Apple: Objection To Section 3.3.1, Request For Exclusion
Fake Steve: Guest blogger: John Gruber

An app that wins friends and influences people
Taking notes on your iPhone

An Easy To Use, High Tech Blog Editor For Macs
RipIt 1.4.3
Old Info-Mac Digests Come Back Online

Nine In 2010: Google’s Bump Buy Continues Feverish Acquisition Pace
Recorded Future: It’s like Google Meets Nostradamus

UI/Web Design:
Thank You For Waking Up: Redesigning the Web for Touch Screens
Web Designers: Not Everyone Uses A Mac
Design is a Side Effect
Solving the Alt-Tab Problem
Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
9 Photoshop Editing Tips Web Developers Should Know

The Psychology Of Free…(Or, Why I Won’t Pay For A Song)
Why The Web’s Bad At Making Music Stars
Court: RapidShare doesn’t need to filter user uploads
Google to Launch Digital Books by Early Summer
Kindle books sales estimate
11 Amazing Fake ‘Harry Potter’ Books Written In China
I Read Alone
On the viability of book covers in an ebook world
NYC apartment living conducive to electronic books; or, where possible, please send galleys for iPad
Writers Guild East’s Broadband Concern

International Times
International Times Archive
John Edgar Wideman Embraces the Future
Peter O’Donnell, Creator Of Modesty Blaise, Passes
1: Fan-Fiction and Moral Conundrums
2: Fan-Fic II
Are you ready to publish your novel?
1: Oh, To Hell With It, Let’s Talk About Piracy (“Arr, Matey! I Plundered Ye Tasty e-Book!”)
2: When Life Gives You Pirates, Make Pirate Juice
3: Pay The Writer: eHow?
4: How to Pay Writers When You’re Broke
Writing space: 2010

Something Like Early TV?

Update, see bottom.

Requires using Chrome or Safari:

CSS3 recreation of the intro to the 1967 Spiderman Show

Interesting but it played lousy for me, such as:

Green WTF? highlighting added by me.

Try it on your iPad and report in Comments.

Pure CSS3 Spiderman Cartoon w/ jQuery and HTML5 – Look Ma, No Flash!


And it does not work on the iPad. Thanks to @doctorlaura for the screensnap:

Click = big

Steve Jobs Textorized

I took the picture at this URL and ran it through this site to get this: