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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Looks Fast

Engadget embedded a problematic video. Someone ripped it and posted it on YouTube. Now I’ve embedded that one here.

Of course, every demo video looks wonderful. But unless they played with the video speed, this thing looks like it’s wicked fast.

No telling what additional APIs Samsung might have thrown in there to make devs have to crank out a GTab-specific version of their apps, though.

If they price this over $350-$400, it’s dead in the water for most of the public, though.

DRM Can Always Be Defeated

So, British Petroleum — aka BP — which has dumped jillions of gallons of raw oil into the Gulf of Mexico has a live cam.

And guess what?

It has DRM on it!

On a Windows XP system, this means any screensnap taken and pasted into MS Paint saves as a blank, black screen — high irony in this case, no?

But DRM can be gotten around.

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The Trillion-Dollar Web Question

So, Sports Illustrated takes a second shot at doing an e version, one that will pass Apple’s Section 3.3.1.

It’s superior to the first.

But if this is HTML5 — basically a tarted-up website — and not something that’s downloaded to a device to keep … how do you turn that into money?

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Barnes & Noble Turns ePublisher

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming.

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When Steve Jobs Wrote A Letter

At one time, he would have written this letter …

… now he’s become the person in the video who got the letter!


A Note To All Corporate Ass-Kissers

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iBooks ePub Can Now Do Embedded Video

This is really major news, especially for self-publishers!

HTML5 Video Works on iBooks on iPad!!

Liz Castro has really been doing some magnificent work, testing the limits of ePub on the iPad.

And now she’s discovered the way to embed video in an ePub that will work on the iPad in iBooks!

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Two Videos For Gerry Anderson Fans

Yeah, baby, play these two videos on your iPad! They’re FAB!

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Documentary News

Greg Baldino’s C2E2 Report #8 – Understanding Grant Morrison – And Warren Ellis Documentary Announced

The panel ended with a teaser trailer for the team’s next project, produced along with documentary film maker Kevin Thurman. The clip showed a dark image of a bearded man smoking and drinking Red Bull, speaking about life and purpose and writing, ending with the words:

Warren Ellis

Captured Ghosts

According to a tweet by Warren Ellis, this will be a DVD.

But we all know everyone will clamor for this stuff to be at the iTunes Store too. In HD. For our iPads. (And attention, kids, one hour of HD video is over a gigabyte of storage. See, avoid that 16GB low-end model!)