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Ferry Timeline

Someone claims I’m a liar because I screwed up the time of the ferry I was on.

Here’s my first tweet about it, when I got home:

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Ten hours earlier is near 10:30AM.

Here is the first published account that substantiates the “Brake! Brake! Brake!” in my account, which was published first:

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He says it came over the intercom. No, it was the ferry officer in white shirt. There’s another account stating the intercom said “Red! Red! Red!”

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That I can’t say because it all happened so damned fast and any “Red!” would have happened after the “Brake!” and like a second before impact.

And since this damned template does not feature timestamps, I had to go to the Edit Console to call that up:

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At this point, it’s up to you to believe me or not, based on the simple fact I screwed up my times (which is not the first time that has happened). I have zero reason to lie about this or anything else I write about.

I will say now that I wish to hell I’d asked the woman taking pictures with her iPhone to email some to me!

Trust me, I didn’t need the damned press bothering today — none of which I linked to here, because the focus isn’t me, but the crash and the injured.

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Quotes Of The Day

Scribd is farmville for pdfs, a loathsome service designed with the most shallow and brutal interpretation of human nature in mind @mikecaneSat May 08 23:38:46 via web


I don’t care if scribd uses HTML3.2 with font-face and CSS2. It’s designed to appeal to the lowest, reptile-brain part of the human psyche.Sat May 08 23:41:13 via web

Staten Island Ferry Crash Update

Updating from earlier: I Survived Today’s Staten Island Ferry Crash

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I Survived Today’s Staten Island Ferry Crash

I know that we should not believe in bad luck omens. It’s stupid to do so. But I’ve had too many weird things happen in my life to entirely discount them. Take that as you will, but keep reading.

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