Prior Posts At Mike Cane’s Blog

Most of my Apple/iPhone/iPad posts published earlier.

These are from 2006-2007, in chronological order, from first to last:

*gasp!* RSS on iPod
Techgasm [iPhone announcement day]
Sweating Sweating Sweating… [iPhone announcement day]
Jobs Does Long Foreplay [iPhone announcement day]
iPhone Is LifeDrive II?
Engadget Has iPhone Photo Gallery
Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed The iPod Is Dead?
Some Questions About the Apple iPhone
Michael Mace Does Comedy Now
iPhone Size
Bravo Nicholas Carr!
An iPhone WTF?
Whoa! A Newton Cellphone?
Steven Levy Nails It Again
Have an iPhone NOW!
Alan Pritt Sees Far
Applenomics, Or Why Steve Jobs Will Now Hate Me For Ever And Ever
As I Said: iPhone Vs. Universal Music
Another Paper iPhone
Apple’s Future Anti-Competitive Court Date Looms…
Apple’s Yellow Submarine Video iPod? [gaaaaaah]
You See? You See? Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!
Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?
Widescreen iPod: Multi-Touch Need Not Apply
iPhone: The Must Read
Errrr… Because Palm Be Eejits And Palm Desktop Ain’t No iTunes Store Neither!
From Television To Podvision
TV: From Podvision To Stevevision
A Jackass Quote For All Of History
More iPhone Absolute Must-Reads
Reference: iPod And Audiobooks
Accelerating My iPhone Lust
Future 2.0
OS X Widgetry And iPhone Possibilities
Apple Vs. Apple Settlement Coincidental?
Rand And Her Randroids Would Root For Gates
What About The Aptly Abbreviated WinCE, BillG?
Cue Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin’
That Z Word
Reference: Free iPod Backup Software
Reaction To Jobs Vs. DRM
iPhone: Three — Count ‘Em — Three Cores
Welcome, Apple. Seriously. (Not!)
Samsung Ultra Smart F700: Oh Puhleeze!
Reference: Mac OS X Apps List
Paging Steve Jobs: It’s February 9th, Beatles Day!
A Funny Feeling About The iPhone
A Pocket Keyboard Fit For The iPhone?
Palm Continues To Create Future iPhone Buyers
Palm Had The Accelerometer Before iPhone — Almost!
Reference: iPod As Rescue Disk
More “Me Too!” From Microsoft
I Ask Myself: Why Not Get A Frikkin Mac?
Hey, Nokia! This Is How Quality Works!
The iPhone Is A First-Generation Pocket Mac
Reference: Mac OS X Blogging Tools
Reference: A Mac Switcher Blogs
Windows Duo Buy MacBook Pros, Write A Review, And An Unintentional Hilarious Sentence Therein
Compaq Had An Accelerometer Before Both Apple And Palm!
A Variety Of Writings About The iPhone
The Fatal Embrace
Apple February 20th Event Confirmation?
Another Jackass Quote For All History — No, TWO Of Them!
Reference: Mac OS X Themes
Reference: iPod For Beginners
Bravo, Nintendo! Now Can You Please Do A PDA?
Will iPhone Games Work Like This?
P2P Forever And Ever!
Cover Your Eyes! Another Bit Of Truth I’m Linking To!
He Does It So They Never See A BSOD
I Have To Wonder About Some iPod Articles…
I Said There Would Be An Apple Ad During The Oscars
The iPhone Oscar Ad: Hello!
Why Does The Truth Always Come Out Too Damned Late?!!?
Steve Jobs Kept Saying “Unbelievable”
For A Group Dealing With Audio, The RIAA Sure Is Deaf!
Is Google Gonna Rock The World?
Quote Of The Year!
iPhone: The Next Generation?!!?
Prediction: YouTube/Google Drop Flash Video
Palm Wants Us To Wait ANOTHER Two Years…
Reference: OS X Web Browsers
This Is What The Future Looked Like — And Will Look Like From NOW ON!
Does Apple Hold The Key To Breaking Open Computing Everywhere?
Bill Gates Praises Macintosh, Then Plots To Kill It
Reference: Mac OS X Software
I Call This Bullshit
Photo Album: Fake iPods In NYC
Photo Album: NYC Apple Store SoHo
iPhone: The First Game?
If Apple Offers This, I’ll Use It!
Reference: Podcast Tech Specs For iTunes Store
Reference: Apple TV
Apple Does The Right Thing: Delays Leopard OS Release
My God. How Does Steve Jobs Work This Magic?
iPhone Delay? Yeah? So?
Reference: DVD Ripping On Mac
iPhone: Battery Life Is Good
Reference: Converting Video For Apple TV
Oy. Apple Backsided iPod Idea Gives Me Sony CLIE Creeps.
Now I Know Why Analyst Starts With Those Four Letters
AppleTV Gets Trashed, iPhone Next?
On A Day When Palm Gets Everything Wrong, Apple Gets It Right
Oh Look At This! My Apple-YouTube Prediction Will Come True!
Another Prediction Comes True: Mac Widgets To iPhone
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast And Super Sick [not Apple’s finest hour]
iPhone Apps: The Beginning Of The Beginning
Jobs Gets YouTube On iPhone — But Without Flash!
Quote Of The Day
iPhone: Add Your Comments To frog design Blog!
Now I Just Might Boycott The iPhone [that privacy is gone, period]
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast But Still Super Sick
Treo-Skimming. A Post-iPhone Craze?
iPhone: No WiFi Without Data Contract?
Two Weeks To iPhone
Apple Boosts iPhone Battery In Effort To Kill Me
So There It Is: The Mysterious Missing Twelfth iPhone App. It’s YouTube!
Who Will Die For An iPhone?
The Advice I Was Given Last Night At An AT&T Store
Someone Got To Fondle An iPhone!
One Week To iPhone!
That iPhone Demo Movie’s Sleight Of Facts
iPhone Owners: Please Do A Real Video
Will Apple Steal The eBook Limelight From Sony And Create Another Mass Market?
AT&T Says: You Can Buy Just One iPhone From Us!
Jaysus! Less Than 24 Hours To iDay!!
WP On iPhone?
OMG!! It’s iDay!!
iQuote Of The iDay
Saturday Will Be My iPhone Day!
WTF? I Call For An iPhone Boycott And It’s Ignored, Yet…
Blog Notes: Closed Til I Get My Mitts On An iPhone!
I’ve Fondled The iPhone!!
3G Euro iPhone Announcement Monday? No Bloody Way!
iPhone Top 10 Apps. Aw, Come On!
YouTube: iPhone Speed Typing
YouTube: iPhone Fondle Video
iQuote Of The Post-iDay
iPhone Vs. LifeDrive Size
Magician Has Special iPhone
iPhone Is Not Expen$ive
He Broke His iPhone The First Day!
Some iPhone Links
Some People Catch On Later Than… Everyone Else.
iPhone: A Recluse In The Orgy Age
I Don’t Think You Understand Just How Incredible The iPhone Really Is! [I crash Safari]
Microsoft, Palm, And Nokia: You Better Be Freaking Out!!
Dumbest iPhone Comment Yet
The Great iDay iHype iFraud
A Horrible Thought: What If The iPhone Is Just … A Phone?
The End Of iWeek
iPhone Vs. Palm Treo: You Can’t Fight A Corpse
iPhone Runs In Root?!
MicroTards Get Desperate Against iPhone Revolution
You Call That A Phone? This — iPhone — Is A Phone!
Splaying The Code Guts Of The iPhone: TV-Out & Filesystem
iPhone Death Star Upgrade Coming [some was obviously BS, most were done]
Do New Apple Keyboards Hint At An iPhone Keyboard?
Google Office For iPhone!
The Yellow Submarine iPod Won’t Die! [oh god forget it, please!]
How To Get Custom Ringtones Into An iPhone Using OSX
iPhone: First eBook On It?
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
Apple And H.264 Internal Chips: I’m With Cringely [never happening, now]
iPhone User Floors My Lust Pedal
iPhone: Yet Another DUH! Article
iPhone Killer?
eBooks On iPhone: Not Waiting For Apple!
eBooks on iPhone: Another Person Who Won’t Wait For Apple
Google To Everyone Else: Drop Dead
When You Lack Talent, Imagination, And Have a Rep For Robbing Everyone, What’s Left To Do? Legalized Looting.
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
eBookery For iPhone?
eBooks On iPhone: The Clamor Continues!
The eBooks On iPhone Campaign: Steve Jobs Loves Books! Hey, Steve, So Do We!!
Five Things Nokia Needs To Do To Improve Our Lives
(First) Quote Of The Day: GracefulFlavor
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
The Ambitious Use Macs
Quote Of The Day: RoughlyDrafted
eBooks On iPhone: Well, There Are Magazines At Least!
iPhone More Popular Than Zune And Harry Potter
Safari For Windows: Still Sick! [has since gotten better!]
China’s Ferocious iPhone Clones
eBooks On iPhone: HarperCollins Kicks In
iPhone: AT&T Bill Delivered In A BOX!
Apple Wins The Internet Video Wars
Another Argument For eBooks On The iPhone
iPod Touch Coming Next Week?
Quote Of The Day: Nokia’s Innate Ineptness
iPod Price History: Will Apple Fight Or Lose?
Should Apple Turn iTunes Into A Platform?**
Nokia’s Upcoming Fake iPhone
Quote Of The Day: Jobs Rulz, Gates Luz
By The Book: Jeff Zucker Vs. Steve Jobs
Tomorrow’s iPod: The Beginning Of Bliss?
New iPod Nano!
Newsflash! Pictures Of Corpses Left In Wake Of iPhone Price Cut!
Today’s Episode Of The Steve Jobs Show, Plus More [I crash the iPhone, again]
S.O.S. Steve Jobs! eBooks Will Save You!
The DUH! File: BoingBoing Catches Up
A Third Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: Steve Jobs Is Journeyman
Dumbass Of The Year: Ed Colligan
The Suit In All Its Pinstriped Anti-Glory [where is this dickhead TechCrunch writer today?]
Quote Of The Day: Michael Mace
NBC: Settle With Apple
Quote Of The Day: Flashback To iPod Introduction**
The Palm Foleo Disaster: Part Two
Quote Of The Day: Popular Mechanics**
Asus Eee: OS X?!
Size-Off: Foleo Versus Powerbooks
The iPod Touch: Don’t Touch It?
Full Metal Jacket For MacBook
Wow. I’m Really Out Of The iPhone Loop!
Hi! My Name Is Jeff Zucker. And I Think You’re Stupid.
The Asus Eee Effect?
New MacBooks = Optical Drive Bye-Bye [well, the MacBook Air lacked one]
Can Apple Create A Real Handheld Market?**
eBooks On iPhone: Reading Software
Apple To Rewrite Computing Again**
Photo Album: DigitalLife Expo 2007
Whoa! Apple, I Didn’t Mean Death Star As in Suicidal!

**significant posts

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