A Note To All Corporate Ass-Kissers

ATTENTION! You *LOSE* once you state, “You know, a company is in business to make money.” You MORON! Who DOESN’T know that?!Sat May 15 18:20:08 via Echofon

When you find yourself typing that line, stop!

Walk away from the keyboard.

You have nothing to say to anyone.

5 responses to “A Note To All Corporate Ass-Kissers

  1. thank you. i’ve been on a campaign to get these people to stop apologizing for the inherent conflict between capitalism and morality.

  2. Brilliant! This merits widespread bookmarking.

  3. I would rather persuade with the viewpoint that the money validates what you do for society. Making money is not an end but the means to continue with the choice of business. Not that there isn’t rather large population of ….. ; )

  4. >>>money validates what you do for society

    No. Go read “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the book about the fall of Long-Term Capital Management, among others.

    Drug dealers make money. So do hitmen. Societal good?

  5. What’s the difference between an ass kisser and a brown noser?

    Depth perception.