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The Financial Sociopaths Declare War On Us

A Disgusting Little Email Making the Rounds on Wall Street

We aren’t dinosaurs. We are smarter and more vicious than that, and we are going to survive.

Let me tell you something, you sick, greedy fuck.

We outnumber you.

And we’ve suffered because of you.

And we don’t forget.

So heed this line from Action in the North Atlantic. It’s delivered by Raymond Massey, who played a Merchant Marine captain, and is defiantly shouted to the smug, laughing Nazis who sunk his ship and left him and his men to die:

You’ve screwed the entire world.

Where do you think you can run and hide?

You’ve already lost this war.

Pray that we have any mercy left in us.


Goldman’s Rules of Acquisition

Fake Steve On A Roll With Extra Cheese!

Adobe is like that weirdo girl that you slept with once because you were drunk at a party, and now she won’t go away

Remind them of that time you went to meet with Warnock and he told you he was focusing on Windows now instead of Macintosh and it was nothing personal they just needed to make a business decision, and you screamed at Warnock and had a tantrum in his lobby and said, I will fucking destroy your company! I will destroy you! I will make you come to me and beg for your life and I will just look at you and laugh! And then when your company is dead I will go to your neighborhood and burn down your homes and shoot your dogs and laugh as I listen to the lamentation of your women! Just wait and see! And then just tell them, Well, my dear friends, do you hear your women lamentationing? Because that day I foresaw has now arrived.

If You Don’t Own It, You Will Lose It

This post is going to seem strange coming from someone who is using WordPress, a free service, instead of running his own server, but still. I’ll deal with that bit at the end here. Right now:

Second Life Users File Class Action Lawsuit Over Virtual Land

Before you scoff too much at this seemingly ludicrous lawsuit, remember that virtual worlds aren’t just “funny money” and avatars. They’re serious business, both for the owners and investors who profit from them and for the users who pump hundreds and even thousands of dollars each into creating characters and interacting online.

Some of those people playing Second Life just got raped by Real Life. They’ve just found out how things can be changed on them behind their backs.

Recently, the Library of Congress decided to grab and store every damned tweet that had ever been made. Although this is the Internet and some things can live forever, tweets are an ephemeral thing and storing them at the Library of Congress was never something that ever crossed my mind, despite the fact I’ve decried how we have been losing history. Personally, I now have to deal with the fact my tweets might outlive me. But, I knew I didn’t own the damned things, so I must accept this.

But how many people out there understand what they really own when it comes to the Internet?

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iPad Critics: You’re Killing Only Yourselves

A Commenter reminded me of the Plan B tactic the haters use when they want to denigrate a success by Apple:

*Cue the “we’ll see once the initial excitement wears off-it’s a marathon not a sprint” comments that we saw when the iPhone sold its first million*

That reminded me of an infamous statement made by one envy-crazed hater that I wound up highlighting in a prior blog’s post:

Apple Sells 10M iPhones. Psychopath Increases Meds.

Fact is, there are a whole big bunch of iPhones sitting in inventory, on AT&T’s shelves, and elsewhere. Sales have slowed considerably, and they aren’t picking up again, even with price cuts and memory expansions. It looks very much like those first weeks (mostly media-fanned: very few people who stood in lines waiting for days to ensure that they’d get an iPhone actually needed to, they were never in particularly short supply) pretty much saturated the market for nice-looking phones that do very little at an extremely high price point. There’s a surprise.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

See, the success of a technology they could have never thought of, never developed, and that acts as a reproach to their failed efforts or failed advocacy is due to:

1) Initial sales to brainwashed fanboys
2) Sales to a gullible bandwagon-jumping me-too public
3) Overwhelming superiority in mass-market ad hype brainwashing

See, it’s all just a trick! If they knew “the secret,” why they could do it too!

Having a great product that does things simply and well never figures into their thoughts. Because that’s not something they themselves are ever capable of creating. They create dog food and have enough contempt for the general public that they expect them — us — to gobble up that shit.

Your failure really comes down to one thing: What you create isn’t good enough.

One Million iPads Sold (Again!)

It’s best as a screensnap:

Click = big

And yet there are people out there who think these are sales just to “Apple fanboiz.”

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