Daily Archives: May 14, 2010

Print Publishing’s Other Suicidal Practice

How many ways does print publishing intend to kill itself?

Apparently indulging in a suicidal casino mentality is not enough.

They want to diversify their self-inflicted death!

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The Suicidal Casino Mentality Of Print Publishing

This week I was informed by yet another writer that he’s being dropped by his publisher.

In every single case, it has never been a matter of the writer not earning-out — that’s industry-ese for making a profit — it’s always been a matter of the writer not making “enough” money.

What the hell is “enough” money, exactly?

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Coming Soon: Piracy As A POLITICAL ACT

SHOCKER: Warner Bros Now Suing ‘Superman’ Rights Lawyer

Warner Bros has lost too many rights cases against its arch-nemesis, lawyer Marc Toberoff, especially the ongoing Superman litigation. So recently the studio hired Daniel Petrocelli to come up with a new strategy to prevent the studio from losing the rights to Superman in 2013 as a court has previously ruled, and Petrocelli has obliged. His hardball tactic: to get rid of Toberoff entirely.

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iBooks ePub Photo/Video Sizing

iBooks auto-resizes images (as long as no hardcoded measurements) but not videos. Curious. #eprdctn #video #iPadFri May 14 15:40:34 via Tweetie

iBooks ePub Can Now Do Embedded Video

This is really major news, especially for self-publishers!

HTML5 Video Works on iBooks on iPad!!

Liz Castro has really been doing some magnificent work, testing the limits of ePub on the iPad.

And now she’s discovered the way to embed video in an ePub that will work on the iPad in iBooks!

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