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Strange Days For Writers

On Twitter, @avidbookreader was telling me about one writer and then happened upon this strange cover:

Now that’s unconventional enough in title and design and description …

A picaresque movement in a nameless city. An America engaged in a propaganda-war, determined to clog drug-flow from the Netherlands and the rubble of a broken city on the opposite shore of the Atlantic. The youth who dream in the face of nightmares, who explore themselves with chemicals with sad paint with jail cells with institutions with a belief in something bigger than the flesh that holds them and strong to the constant symphony of junky poetics, melancholy.

… to make me look closer.

And that’s where it got all strange.

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Thank You, Apple. No, Seriously.

Apple Denies Free Political Speech

As you can see not only are none of the statements defamatory, they are all factual.

By denying me this application Apple is now making an in-kind contribution to Henry Waxman by denying his competitor a modern tool for political communication. They are stifling my right to free political speech and they are carrying water for the Obama administration.

It is also relevant to note that Apple pulled all of their advertising from the Fox News channel: http://galiberal.com/?p=8939&cpage=1

Clearly people who work at Apple are likely to be the kind of creative people who may tend to vote Democrat and hold liberal views, but this goes far beyond that. This experience with Apple clearly shows that there is a political agenda going on within the culture of the company, and business decisions are subject to Apple’s political views.

First, I need to state this: Democrat, Republican, a pox on both their houses! I voted for Nader — every time.

That said, this is one time I’d like the Republican to win. Because he’s now pissed off. And pissed off politicians who get into power do something about what pissed them off.

In iAd Is The Coming Fall Of Apple, I wrote:

The thing is this, Apple. Once you start rejecting political ads, you’re going to wake up all those slumbering politicians who haven’t been giving your plans any scrutiny.

I had never considered that a politician would want to advertise via an app. So this speeds up Apple’s day of reckoning.

Thank you, Apple. Keep riding that Gatekeeper Abuse express train.


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