First Kittens … Now Cash?

Cash not always welcome at Apple stores

The Apple sales policy says if you want an iPad, you must pay by credit card or debit card.

I will be using cash. So, now I’ll also have to wait until Apple either changes this policy or the iPad is on sale outside of the Apple Store?

Maybe the kitten delay will work to my advantage after all.

Update: Thanks to @ghostfinder, here’s a forum thread where some people state they have been able to buy an iPad with cash.

There is a new post with an update.

5 responses to “First Kittens … Now Cash?

  1. Good God. I can’t believe they won’t take cash. I prefer cash personally, it enables you to manage money better and be aware of it. The huge debt crisis in the world is partly down to how easy it is to hit plastic. It’s more painful to pull cash out, you feel it more.

    But Apple know all this and hence don’t want your cash.

  2. I don’t think there’s any rules against prepaid debit cards is there?

  3. The thread says any card must have your name embossed on it, so that kills those too.

  4. I think this restriction will be lifted in about two weeks or so, when the iPad goes on sale in more countries. It’s just a PITA at the moment. But then, I still have the kittens to deal with.

  5. What is wrong with The Best Buy? I am sure they will take cash.

    Just be sure to avoid The Geek Squad. They cannot be trusted.