Prior Posts At Mike Cane 2008

Most of my Apple/iPhone/iPad posts published earlier.

These are from 2008, in chronological order, from first to last.

Note that my thinking about eBooks underwent a big change in 2009, so some of my thoughts about them in these posts no longer apply.

Oh Look. You Won’t Be Getting Any Work Done Now.
MacWorld 2008: All About Portability
Does Apple Want To Be King Of Ebooks?
Reference: Flash Video On iPhone
Steve Jobs Has An Assassin En Route To Me
Let’s See How MacWorld Went, Shall We?
Steve Jobs Will Be Paying Many Assassins
Steve Jobs Is Up To Something. Probably Big.**
Why Apple’s Design Is Excellent**
Macbook Air Vs Everex Cloudbook Vs Sony Reader
The Secret History Of The PDA?
The Cure For Gadget Envy
Is Apple’s Tablet The iPod Air? [erm, no]
iPhone/iPod Touch Will Have The Greatest Apps Evah! [bingo!]
The iPod Touch Question I Didn’t Have To Ask
iPod Air Has An URL Already
One More Time: Apple And Ebooks**
Reference: iPhone Web Clip Icons
Peak iPod: Has Apple Reached Its End?
I Do Like Me A Good Screed
A Third Low-Cost Subnotebook?
Reference: iPod Touch Blog
ThoughtFix Makes The iPhone-Only Case
Does Apple Have A Super Bowl Surprise?
Does Logitech Have An iPhone Keyboard?
Amazon MP3 Is No iTunes Store!
The Three Big As: Apple, Amazon, Adobe
Apple: Your Gold Aluminum Is Waiting
MacBook Air Pr0n
MacBook Air Mini-Fondle
MacBook Air: Fat Notebooks Lose Self-Esteem!
Mike Cane To Techmeme: Bite Me!
Some Apple Mysteries: Keyboard, Order Trims
Rumored Apple Event: iPod Air?
Sony’s In Worse Shape Than I Thought
What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed?
Don’t Be An iSucker
Reference: iPod Smart Podcasts
TextOnPhone: Why I Hate Kevin Tofel
iPhone Developers: One For You To Make!
Memo To Steve Jobs: People DO Still Read!**
iPhone/iPod Touch Can Be A Piano!
Steve Jobs: Invite Me! Me! MEEEE!!!!
Reference: Subnotebook Dimensions
Reference: iPhone Ringtone Software
MacBook Air Teardown
Any Month Now, The Real Final Death Of Palm
Apple “iSDK” Late?
For The Record: Apple and eBooks**
Quote: Stan Lau At Gear Diary
Adobe, Get Off Your Fat …
Reference: Free London Travel Guide For iPhone/iPod
Reference: GyPSii For iPhone
MySpace For iPhone?
Reference: BBC iPlayer For iPhone
Just One iPhone SDK Question …
iPhone SDK: The Big Ouch!
Irrelevancy: It’s A Palm Thing
Apple And eBooks: Why The Delay
Technovia Calls Reality To Testify
Apple’s Safari And WordPress To Wed
The Coming Death Of The Reading Web
Games The iPhone And iPod Touch Need
Reference: One-Page Mac Cheat Sheet
iPhone/iPod Touch Music!
PalmOS Coming To The iPhone/iPod Touch?
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Backup
Quote: Florent Pillet, Palm Developer
Two Thousand iPhone Apps Coming? [bingo!]
iPhone/iPod Touch Games: What I Meant!
Hey, You iPhone/iPod Touch Owners!
iPhone Dev Summit In … NYC?!!?
Apple Will Permit iPhone Background Processes
iPhone Without Camera Coming [wrong!]
Some Days I Want To Bash My Head On My Desk
Would-Be Rejected iPhone Devs: Don’t Quit!
In Praise Of Palm Addict
Another iPhone Test
Test Post From iPod Touch
The iPod Touch Has A Mystery!
Apple Has Magic The Others Don’t
Test Post From Beta Safari For Windows
More On That iPod Touch Mystery
Quote: “repi”
The Three Companies Apple Should Acquire
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Network Test
New iPhone/iPod Touch WordPress Test This Week
Oh Noes!! A New WordPress?!
Reference: WordPress Mobile URL!
iClones of iPhone And iPod Touch
David Rothman Just Saved Google’s Android OS
Quotes: iPhone/iPod Touch Owners
Is It April Fool’s Day Already?
Latest FAIL In eBooks
The Lesson Of Apple Isn’t New, But It Works
Apple Turns Envelopes Into A New Standard
Gear Diary Abuses/Touts MacBook Air
HOWTO: WordPress Posts From An iPhone/iPod Touch [obsolete!]
My Own Apple Store Testimony
The Net Is Full Of Tech Fiends
HOWTO 2: WordPress Posts From An iPhone/iPod Touch — With Images! [obsolete!]
Apple: $100 Price Cut Or Free Music?
Free eBooks: iPod and Macintosh!
Steve Jobs Torments Me
iPhone Camera Test
iPhone: What’s The Point Of iTransmogrify?
Google’s Android OS Now Worth Watching
Apple Now Owns iPod Air Domain [wrong!]
Reference: Someone Coding For iPhone
Quote: Matt Assay
iPhone App Store: Genres? Uh, No. Update
Apple: Computers For Atheistic Pagans
3G iPhone? Hai! Kitte Kudasai!
Writers Don’t Fear The Future: Publishers Do!
Future iPods: Piper Jaffray’s Blind Spot
Quote: Michael Mace
Reference: iPhone pWnage
Lust Alert: Millionaire For iPhone/iPod Touch!
Amazon: Already Toast
Updated Reference: Subnotebook Dimensions
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Clear History [most Commented post ever!]
Reference: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
Is The Asus EeePC The New Commodore-64?
Palm’s Worst Nightmare: HWR For iPhone
James Kendrick Starts His Day As Usual
This Is What Leadership Means
I Hate You Frikkin Tech Bloggers. I Do!
Reference: Mobicue
The Secret Of Windows PC Popularity
Apple, As Usual, Changes Everything
Now We Know Why Apple Bought A Chipmaker
Now We Know Why Apple Rejected Flash
iPhone Conquers Net, China Conquers iPhone
Note To Self, Re: Tech
Apple’s Sync Strategy Finally Arriving?
iPhone Continues To Swallow The Internet
Microsoft’s ULCPC Nazism = Good News!
What’s This? iPod Air Next Month?
Paging Apple Legal: FreeStyl = WinMob iPhone!
eInk eBook Readers: They’re All Dead, Jim!
I Said Apple Sync Was Important: Here’s Proof
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch P2P
The iPod Air Will Be Better … [always better to wait!]
An Example Of iPhone/iPod Touch Keyboard Lag
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Backup/Sync
The Social Table: The Coming Horror
HTC Advantage Running Google Android OS!
Petitinvention: Your Source For Next-Gen Macs?
James Kendrick On Microsoft Windows Vista
Cheap, But It Made Me Laugh
What eChanges Will High Oil Prices Bring?
Apple: You’ll Get It When You Can Sync It?
Quote: Mary Lou Jepsen
Android: Show Me The CC&P! [now show me the screensnap!]
It’s Now All Down To Apple Vs. Google**
Apple Owns The Mobile Me Trademark
Quote: David Card
Micro Fondle: Lenovo U110, Dialogue Flybook, Asus e900
Apple Has Trademarked A Date
Some Unusual Apple Trademarks
Google’s Android To Conquer By Infiltration?
The Three Things People Are In A Frenzy Over
American Tech Companies: Wake Up!
No iPod Air Next Week
iPhone/iPod Touch Gets vlc. I Plotz! [iPhone still needs vlc, dammit]
I Am Living In The Future
Reference: Live Net Video Via iPhone
Apple’s App Store: Desktop Friendly
First Apple eBook Device?
AndroidGuys Wonder About The iPhone 3G
A Gadget Too Far [WHY iPad will succeed]
iPod Air: See You In September?
I Get Busted!
For God’s Sake, Get eBooks Going, Steve Jobs!
CD Sales In Meltdown
What Apple Better Not Miss About eBooks
Video: eBooks On iPhone/iPod Touch
MSI Wind = Ten-Inch Screen MacBook?
WordPress Inches Towards iPhone
What’s On iPhone: Interesting Posts
James Kendrick Is Just So Toast!
Flashback: iPhone 2007
Southern NYC iDay 2007 In 56 Photos! [A LOT of pics]
The iPhone App Store In Five Fast Steps!
The App Store Must Be Live
iPhone App Store Now Open
How Did THIS Get In The App Store?!!?
App Store: Very Little To Buy!
eReader On iPhone: What It Looks Like
No iDay 2008 Here
OMG: WordPress For iPhone
James Kendrick: Tech Fiend Ultimate!
iPhone 3G iFAIL!
iDay 2008 + 1 = LONG Lines!!!
I Knew It! Kendrick Bought An iPhone 3G!
Reference: iPhone 3G Yellowishness
Blog Notes: Weekend eBook Project [it defeated me!]
Reference: Stanza eBook Reader For iPhone
iDay 2008 +2 = Still Lines!
Memo To Steve Jobs: iPhone Owners READ!
iPhone eBook Reader Stanza Available
Google Uses The iPhone As An Android Testbed**
Peer At The Naked Face Of Evil If You Dare!
The Suit Brain — And Why It Must Die!
Reference: Create iPhone Ringtones
When An Expert Uses An iPhone
What One iPhone App Dev Spent
iPhone 3G Still Producing Lines!
More Of That Non-Existent iPhone Effect
At Apple Store Soho
What’s Happened To YouTube On iPhone 3G?!!?
iDay 2008 + 8 = Apple Store Soho Line
App Store: Remelody
App Store: Tap Tap Revenge
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Screen Size [must look for this for iPad]
An iPod Touch Gets pWned
Reference: iPhone OS 2.0 pWnage
iPhone Wireless Printing?
eBook On An iPhone: One Example
Nokia: A Brand Of Shit
WordPress For iPhone: It’s Here, But I’m Not!
And So The iPod Air Is Coming After All! [Was the iPad late?]
Did Apple Slip PC Users A Mobile Me Mickey?
It’s NOT Lower Prices, You Eejits! It’s iPod Air! [I. Was. Wrong.]
The Reasons Why eBooks Are Next For Apple
WordPress For iPhone Tested
James Kendrick Is A Cheap Sell-Out!
Blog Notes: Go Away. I Am Testing.
Blog Notes: Test #1 = FAIL!
You’re All Wrong: It’s The iPod Air! [Nope. I was wrong!]
Quote: Timothy D. Cook Of Apple**
Apple iTunes (Store) Trademark Evolution
Is Intel’s Atom CPU Shortage Due To Apple? [Nope!]
Reference: iPhone Photo App
MagicPad For iPhone: Want!
Palm’s Colligan: Centro Easier Than iPhone!
iPod Air: Rotating Dock And Inductive Recharging?
eBooks On iPhone: Teleread Updates
Will Apple Use A Pixel Qi Screen? [Apple loves its IPS screens]
OS X: MSI Wind Vs. Asus 1000H
Reference: MSI Wind Upgrades Video
Reference: OS X Backup On USB Drive
Reference: Mac OS X Leopard On Asus EeePC 901
Reference: AA-Battery iPhone Charger
Will The iPhone Save Our Economy?
Print IS Dead (Well, To Some Of Us. OK: Me!)
iPod Touch: Less Than A Poor’s Man iPhone!
Twitter Truth
Microsoft’s Deliberate PC Sabotage
Sony Still Shoots Itself In Foot
Jaw Drop Drool Alert: Mac OS X On Asus EeePC 1000H!
MSI Wind & Mac OS X: I Ask The Stupid Questions
Microsoft Vs. Apple, In Pictures, #1 Of A Series
Reference: Mac OS X Screensnap
Reference: Free/Low-Cost OS X Apps
Microsoft: The American Nokia
Comic Books (Almost) Come To iPhone
Apple Vs. Microsoft In TWO Pictures
Japanese Manga Comes To The iPhone
Lust Cramp Alert: New Mac OS X On MSI Wind Video!
Reference: Install Mac OS X Via USB Flash Drive
Sony Fumbles Its eBook Reader
Ouch! Matthew Miller Pokes iPhone 3G!
Two Tax Tales
The effPhone
Videos: Mac OS X On MSI Video, Acer Aspire One
Quote: Kontra
The Non-Evolving View Of Print Publishers
Yeesh! iPhone Becomes PalmOS 5!
Kindle, Schmindle
Technolicious: iPhone + Smart Car!
October: The iPod Touchbook [Apple works … slowly]
Not A Bad eBook Post From Suits
Two Interesting Posts By Rustin Wright
Hey, Apple! I Warned You About iPhone 3G Lawsuits!
Reference: iPhone Restore Is Dicey
eBook Breakthrough For iPhone Comics!**
Post Revisit: Peak iPod?
iPhone Comic Book Reading Site!
More Comic Books For iPhone
Apple Forfeits eBooks By Banning A Comic Book!**
Apple And A Tale Of Two Bannings
Print: Dying. And The Net: No Future?
Apple Trademark: iTunes Plus
Murderdrome: Eleven Years Old!
Takiji Kobayashi: Writer’s Revenge**
Google’s Chrome Browser: Part Two
Tomorrow Is U.K. D-Day For Sony Reader
Rumor: New Sony Reader + Mac OS Software?
Sony Reader: More U.K. Coverage
Books 1.0: Where The Money Goes
Confirmed: New Sony Reader October 2008!
Nikki Finke Knows The Apple-NBC Score
Quote: Wil Wheaton
The Sony Reader Rejects Defeat
Demo Of Stanza eBook Reader For iPhone
DRM = Destroy Remaining Market
Reference: Optimize PDFs For Sony Reader
How Print Publishers Are Killing Writers
Micro Fondle: MSI Wind At J&R
The Mac Vs. PC War Takes An Awful Turn
Quote: Elizabeth, On Using Windows
A (Free!) Clue For Sony
Intriguing Feedbooks Q&A
iPhone Heart Monitor Application
Reference: iBlogger For iPhone
iPhone/iPod Touch Stand = One Paperclip!
To Steve Haber Of Sony, Memo #2
Headline Of The Week
Writer Mark Jeffrey Interview
Wil Wheaton: No DRM For You!
To The Unemployed Banned Psychopath
Writer Cheryl Kaye Tardif: iPhone 3G Novel
Apple Sells 10M iPhones. Psychopath Increases Meds.
One eBook Issue
iPhone: Classics, A New eBook Reading App
Reference: iTrail For iPhone
So, Apple Wanted To Buy Palm After All!
Reference: Shrink PDFs
iVerse Comics: Ten Comics For The iPhone!
Podcasting To Get Ginormously Big!
Brandon Steili Drops iPhone For Treo Pro
Kindle Fanboi Gets iPhone Mistress
Reference: 100+ Free Mac OS X Applications
Stanza: 40,000 eBooks A Day!
eBooks Vs. ePrint
More Amazon eBook Nightmare Talk
Penguin Books Does iPhone App
See TEN THOUSAND iPhone Apps On ONE Page
Mark Jeffrey Knows Time Travel!
Reference: App Store Without iTunes
iPhone Devs: Plough Your Own Furrow!
Major Announcement In eBooks
Quotes: Nikola Tesla In 1926
Are eBook Reading Devices Doomed?
Reference: Voluminous, eBooks For Mac OS X
Apple’s Marketing Blunder Of 2009
Stanza Reader: Not Just iPhone?
Will Mac OS X Have THE ePub Program For Writers?
Apple Bans ANOTHER Book From App Store!
2009: Dawn Of The eBook
How Many Of THESE eBooks Will Apple Ban?
Apple Approves Of Shooting Nurses In The Face!
This Is The Future Of Book Tours
Vox Populi: eBooks

**significant posts

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