Daily Archives: May 31, 2010

Asus Is What A Failing Company Looks Like

I had to pop onto the Net to see what the developments from Computex have been thus far.

Asus should have bought Palm. Because what they’ve been showing at Computex is just full of FAIL.

Go see Joanna Stern’s coverage at Engadget.

Asus has designed everything to look like it came from Apple. That’s the first sign a company has run out of ideas.

The second is trying to make Windows 7 into a tablet. It just can’t be done. No matter what lipstick is slapped on that pig, once you exit the customized lipstick, you hit an app that is not designed at all for touch.

And as it is, not enough of Windows 7 has been lipsticked over. Asus and Microsoft really expect people to be able to successfully fingertip tap on icons at the top and bottom of screens when those icons are about one-eighth of an inch tall?

And then there’s that MP3 player. It looks like the designer — so-called — watched Minority Report too many times. While on LSD. And no one ever noticed and just went ahead and allowed that design through.

Third, Asus is really, seriously thinking of releasing a monochrome device — with a camera in it!! — in 2010? It’s like they’ve not only decided to rip off current Apple, they went back and dredged up the Newton — except they crapped all over it! Here’s the view from jkkmobile:

September release? I say that thing will never, ever go on sale.

It doesn’t matter who releases a Windows 7-based tablet. It will be utter garbage. Hewlett Packard understood that — which is why they went and bought Palm.

Let’s hope there are some companies doing something interesting with Android. Asus would have done better with that instead of Windows 7.