Dear Steve Jobs …

Dear Steve Jobs: I admire you greatly, but when it comes to PUBLISHING, you have YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS!Sun May 16 17:18:09 via Echofon

iPad Says No to Violence and Adult Situations in Manga

I hope HP and Palm are paying close attention to the issues here.

Freedom of Expression could turn out to be the killer app for a webOS tablet.

3 responses to “Dear Steve Jobs …

  1. There’s lots of options out there.

    If you need sex and violence so much that only a native app will fill your need, consider bromide in your tea.

  2. While I can understand where Apple’s coming from, should they not give their users the choice of how they want to use the device that they’re spending hundreds of dollars for? Just doesn’t seem right.

  3. You of all people should not be missing the point like this.