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iPad Links: Friday, May 21, 2010

Kittens still alive.

No big Net sweep today due to hardware change. Had to uninstall one brand of printer, install a different one. Uninstalling took about ninety frikkin minutes! And that, HP, had better not be a taste of what you might do to webOS! As for the other printer, both the CD-ROM and web-download versions of the drivers failed to install. Maybe you should rethink selling printers, Kodak!

After the break, a shorter Links post than usual.

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Apple Versus Google: Total Frikkin War

I didn’t watch the livestream of the Google IO event. I didn’t find out until late yesterday that it was live via YouTube. Besides which, I wouldn’t have wanted to devote hours and hours to watching that.

Anyway, it seems the war is now openly declared, if Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) is to be believed:

The most telling thing to me was Google’s tone toward Apple at the event. Instead of pretending to still be an Apple ally, Google today basically threw down the gantlet and admitted that it’s engaged in total war with Apple.

And unlike other Apple rivals, like Adobe, Google execs weren’t huffing and puffing and wringing their hands about Apple’s bad behavior. No, instead, Google was mocking Apple. Making fun of it. Laughing at it.

That excerpt from a column where he states he’s dropping his iPhone and switching to Android!

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