And Now It’s Just Kittens

Updating: First Kittens … Now Cash?

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads

Those who think mass media will go away, this is a lesson in why not. How many people might have complained about this policy on blogs and in forum messages? It took TV coverage to get action.

I read the messages about this in this forum and someone had even appealed directly to Jobs:

I’ve been e-mailing Steve Jobs for weeks now – at least six total emails over four weeks, telling him how badly I felt that I couldn’t buy an iPad since I didn’t have a credit/debit card.

And now this? A TV station picks it up and she gets a free iPad?

(I’ve edited the post due to some disgusting remarks in it. In fact, too many of the posts there evidence a clueless smugness that is downright disgusting, so I wouldn’t advise going there.)

So, if TV like that ever goes away, good luck with your complaints!

3 responses to “And Now It’s Just Kittens

  1. Good point about the power of mass media and TV. OTOH, if those using online forums are contacting Steve Jobs with a similar tone as in their forum posts, then perhaps it’s no surprise they didn’t get a free iPad.

  2. Andrew Meit

    I just recently bought a refurb ipod nano 5th gen. with the help from some friends. I also bought the JPS audiobook bible translation via itunes. However, the audiobook had serious flaws in how its tracks and chapters were named (using marketing tags and generic names* not using time honored naming thats over 2k yrs old!); hence making it useless as an audiobook for me and other visually impaired folks. I am not going to crib note that “chapter 2 of track 3” is about the Noah flood. Nor do I need to be reminded each time I hear a chapter who published it. Many other audio books do fine. I documented the problem and requested a refund. Apple gave the refund for they agreed with me. Apple might be contacting the publisher.
    I am waiting to see if the JBI folks do a better job with the JPS translation for their audiobook version. They should get it for they have been dealing with blind consumers for decades.
    It was nice Apple cared that I should be getting an audiobook designed for ease of use for my needs. Note, this flaw/refund was not about translation but metadata for presenting content.

    Now, if only Apple cared about my wanting to program the ip** with RunRev…I can wish.

    * Yes, metadata is everything, just ask Adam ;-)

  3. Andrew Meit

    Follow up.
    Wow, it appears was given properly named tracks and chapters but they totally ignored the carefully done naming and did their own –without telling JPS (but shame on JPS for not checking the final release). is another gatekeeper who will screw a publisher’s content. JPS is upset that they are getting calls about their audiobook flaws, but they have only themselves to blame. But note, If I wanted the properly made audiobook, I would have to pay twice the price at the JPS site. I guess JPS learned from His Steveness: sell only the premium content at a premium price. It looks like I am going to have to make my own JPS audiobook from their 1917 translation. As for JBI, no word yet. So if I had to buy a really good TTS voice, which one is worth getting?