Apple: Think What Now?

Cassius Clay. At the height of the social unrest of the 1960s, he became a Muslim, changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and refused to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

Rosa Parks. Refused to obey the city bus rules that blacks should sit in the back. Compounded her offense by refusing to relinquish her seat to a white man.

Apple used the bravery and struggles and dare-to-offend acts of these people in its ad campaigns.

Now Apple betrays their lives by engaging in book banning.


Update: Apple Rescinds Book Ban

5 responses to “Apple: Think What Now?

  1. Logarithmic Goomer

    Yeah, right.


  2. What a load of sanctimonious tripe.

    Apple hasn’t the power to ban any books. Did you think they were the State?

    If they’re not selling a product you want — and they’re perfectly entitled to make their own decisions about what they sell — go and buy what you want somewhere else.

    Why MacSurfer wastes people’s time by linking to you I can’t imagine. I’d imagine I’d read something interesting about the iPad, given the sites’s (misleading) name, not a piece of egoistic adolescent grandstanding.

  3. I see your email address — if it’s real — is in the UK. Go back to your slumber, pal. Your nation has already lost the things that made it great under the smothering pillow of the State. Enjoy your universal surveillance, your political cowardice, and keep whining to Iceland and maybe someday you’ll get ten cents for every dollar they fleeced from you. And don’t bother coming back here. You haven’t the IQ for any of this.

  4. Really. You’re just too smart for us all. We bow to the wisdom encapsulated in your Comment. You moron.