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iPad Links: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kittens still alive. May be getting less twitchy. These Links posts are getting long, so this goes behind a break again.

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Quote Of The Day: Elaine Katzenberger

City Lights Books Publisher Explains Smashed Kindle Photo

What all of us really ought to be paying attention to is the ways in which a major corporation has managed to somehow position itself and its product as something in need of outraged defense. When did the Kindle become a baby seal?!

— or the iPhone or the iPad or the Macintosh or the Nexus One or the …

Barnes & Noble Turns ePublisher

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming.

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Compaq Airlife 100 Versus iPad

Steve Paine — aka Chippy of UMPC Portal and Carrypad fame — received a Compaq Airlife 100 thing — we’re not supposed to called them “smartbooks” because that is a registered trademark.

The Compaq Airlife 100 is currently being tested in Spain. It’s based on Android 1.x and is slightly smaller than a conventional netbook. It’s big thing is 3G inside, which makes it ripe for sales by cellphone operators. Yeah, good luck with that!

Chippy held a live Ustream video last night. I attended (which is why there were no more posts yesterday; these things usually wipe me out; they go on for hours!) and got some screensnaps.

See them with some more text after the break.

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