Prior Posts At The eBook Test

Most of my Apple/iPhone/iPad posts published earlier.

These are from 2009-2010, in chronological order, from first to last.

Note that my thinking about eBooks underwent a big change in 2009 and this is where these links begin:

ALL eInk Devices: BAD For eBooks! [I change my mind about eBooks]
Dumb eBooks Must Die, Smart eBooks Must Live [I change my mind about eBooks]
Where I Stand Now
What One Big Change Would An Apple iTablet Bring?
What REALLY Delayed The Apple Tablet
How Steve Jobs Wins, Part Two**
Apple’s Absolutely Brilliant eBook Strategy
Apple Stabbing eBook Competitors? [watch for more problems like this!]
So No Digital Books From Apple After All?
iPod Touch II On September 9, 2009 [Apple works … slowly]
Sony Reader 101: For Mac Users
The Crushing Truth Of Today’s Apple Event
Steve Jobs Sees The Future Of eBooks
Apple: Give The App Store A Wish List!
The Coming Collapse Of eBook Prices
A New Twist On Digital Book Pricing
Google Books: Ironic CAPCHA
Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Apple + iTablet**
eBook Notes For Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Vook Debuts Digital Books
Apple’s App Store Needs Librarians [an ongoing problem!]
Adobe Flash And Digital Books
Thanks, MacSurfer!
Touch Will Change Everything**
The iPod Decade And The Steve Jobs Effect**
How To Do Touch Right And Wrong
Read Adobe DRMed ePub On iPhone Via Germany?
Apple Will Break Open The Digital Book Floodgates**
eBook Notes For Wednesday, November 4, 2009
ePub-Capable Quantum Reader For iPhone Soon?
iPhone: Read About It Or BE It?
Apple: Get The Hell Out Of Your Own Way!
Another Day, Another DoubleDumb Apple Book Rejection!
eBook Notes For Thursday November 12, 2009
Hybrid iPhone/Print Book Glimpse Of The Future
The Fine Print = Apple iTablet WIN!
The 7 Principles Of Apple**
One Step Closer To Apple Digital Books
Oh Give It Up. Steve Jobs Wins.
Apple iTablet Video: Nicest Fake So Far [all that time wasted!]
The Ugliest Fight Ever: Apple Versus Google**
Disney Doing Digital Comics
IDPF Screws Up ePub eBook Covers For Everyone!**
The Apple iTablet Is NOT A Horsey, FFS!
iPhone/Palm Pre Digital Book For Kids: Red Apple
First Credible Apple iTablet Twitter Leak? [it wasn’t]
The Holy Grail: iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Driver!
Apple’s Two-Faced Censorship At Work Again
How To Be Absolutely Wrong
Why A 7-Inch iTablet Makes Sense [but not to Apple]
The iSlate?! For Reals? What About The Original Slates?
iSlate Trademark Hints At Full OS X!
Apple’s iSlate: Digital Waveguide Touch?
Apple’s Three Canadian Trademarks: iSlate, iPad, Magic Slate
Apple Will Call It iSlate: Latest Proof
The Latest Fake iSlate Video
2010 In Review
Apple Trademarks “Finder”
Apple iSlate Specs Leaked? I Say FAKE!
The INEVITABLE Changes The iSlate Will Create**
Mobile Web Design
I Don’t Like The Future Apple And Google Are Creating
iWork Is Apple’s Thermonuclear Bomb**
In Two Years, Only Google Will Use Android**
It’s Monday. Did You Get An Apple Invite? [it was the next Monday!]
Will The iSlate Include Gesture Macros?
iPhone Digital Book: Cathy’s Book
Video Of The iSlate In 1994: Yes 1994!
Sign The Abandonware Petition!**
Trademarks: iHand, iArm, Mobile Cloud — From Apple?
Disney + Apple + RFID = BIG!
Shockingly Brain-Dead Stupid: Creating An iTunes LP
Mac OS X To Get Major Facelift In 2010
A Study In Sherlock: Apple’s Expanding Trademark
Apple: Kill My Blog, Please!
The iSlate Factor People Are Missing
Macintosh History: The Lost Art Of Trici Venola**
Apple’s iSlate Gives Book Publishers False Hope
Can We Get This Lovely iBook Prototype In 2012, Apple?
The Apple TV That Isn’t But Will Be
What Apple’s iSlate Means To Bloggers
Kobo: We’ll Have iSlate eBooks In February
Why The iTunes/App Store Model Will Ultimately Fail**
iSlate Or iPad? Apple Now Files Trademark For iPad!
Rumor: iSlate/iPad Is 800×600 Screen Resolution [wrong!]
Apple Wednesday January 27, 2010 Preview**
McGraw-Hill Allegedly Leaks iSlate/iPad
The Threshold
T-Minus Two Hours!
iPad Post-Event Scorecard**
iBooks: I Am Not Happy
The Unfinished iPad
iPad: What Is Wrong With This Picture?
iPad: The Portable Personal Social Computer
iPad: The Missing Heart Of It
What tnkgrl Says!
Apple And eBooks: A Horror Story
It’s Time To Laugh At Microsoft Again
No, Really, iPad Critics: Just STFU!
GarageBand for iPad?
The iPad Perspective Everyone Is Missing
iPad: iBooks Software Will Have Dictionary Lookup?
A REAL Justification For Apple Censorship?**
I Won’t Miss Flash. Here’s Why, In One Image.
Fear Of iPad: Quote Of Infamy
ePub eBooks From Apple Will Use FairPlay DRM
Alan Pritt: A New Angle On The iPad
Web Designers: Wake Up And Smell The Touchscreen Coffee!**
Lie To Me, Steve Jobs
Must-Read PRO-iPad Posts
How To Build An ePub eBook Library For Your iPad
This Blog Is Now Over And Done With

**significant posts

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