The Kittens Delaying My iPad

So after being accused of lying about my ferry account yesterday because of a stupid typo, I got off my ass and finally got a new battery for my camera. Now you can all see proof of the kittens!

Here is my LifeDrive showing today:

And after the break, the kittens with my LifeDrive showing that screen as proof. Note that I’ve resampled the photos from 6MPx originals to blog-friendly size.

Three kittens, just as I said, dammit.

I can’t spend any money until I know how many of them survive (they are all alive, and two of them spit at me, despite their eyes not being open yet!). If I wind up having to keep them awhile, that will strain my budget. So rather than have their food and possible vet care constrained, I have to delay my iPad until I see how the money is going to work out.

10 responses to “The Kittens Delaying My iPad

  1. You be quiet or you’ll spoil my crank rep!

  2. Lee Nelson

    You’re such a pushover….daddy.

  3. Those kittens are great. I love cats. We’ve got three we rescued from the streets – stray cats.

    And look at it this way. When you are ready to get your iPad, it’ll be history (even in two months time)…. outlaw open source Linux tech will zap Apple to dust ;-)

    Either that or I’ll have my organic orgone based computers on the market, which blow Apple, Microsoft, even the whole internet right off the stage. These orgone systems are 2070 tech. As you know my uncle was in the CIA so I have access to time machines salvaged from crashed alien saucers.

    If that sounds crazy, the kittens will understand…. especially if they’re already in communication with my cat BW – really an ex pat from Sirius.

  4. andrew Meit

    Thanks! And I understand well the food/budget stuff for cats. My condo finally allows pets but at a time when prices/vets are just too high (living off a low, fixed income). sigh.
    Keep it up.

  5. I’ll wait for your Orgone 2.0 computers. Only with the iPad would I go 1.0!

  6. Awww, they’re so cute.

    Two of them spit at you despite not having their eyes open? No parallels with anyone commenting on your blog, I suppose…


  8. You should set up a “kitten care tip jar” so the kitties can get to the vet, etc, and you can still get your iPad. They’re absolutely adorable.

  9. I think I just melted into a puddle of goo. They’re sooooo CUTE! *squee*

    Ahem. Sorry. Carry on.