iPad Links: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kittens still alive. May be getting less twitchy. These Links posts are getting long, so this goes behind a break again.

BRILLIANT! Out of Proverbs 31: Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear

The hypocrites Apple fears: Family Values GOP Rep To Resign Over Affair

Empire Burlesque

God plays dice with the universe after all: A New Clue to Explain Existence

What The Internet Knows About YOU

How “Lost” Must End

1: Money 2.0 Twitter engineer, former API lead Alex Payne departs to co-found BankSimple
2: Banksimple
The Shop I Want
The fear of all sums: The role of mathematics in America’s housing bust
The American Worker Is Dead
For Fairfax metal trader, perseverance pays off
How to Manage an Introvert
Thoughts on Measuring Online Influence
The “So-What” Factor

Why iPad owners need a Kindle, too
Comcast’s Breakthrough iPad App
iPad App Fatigue & “The Boring Old Web”
RadEditor: Does not work on iPad/iPhone
Alphasmart Neo gets repurposed as a USB keyboard for the iPad
Mobileread: PDFs on iPad
Mobileread: Canti: Manga Processing Program
Mobileread: Comics on the iPad
Mobileread: iPad & Comics
Apple: iPad and Emacs

DUH! Don’t Kid Yourself, Mobile Ad Companies: Apple Really Does Want to Lock Up the App Market
iPhone SDK Agreement Shuts Out HyperCard Clone

Flash Co-Creator Jonathan Gay Responds to Steve Jobs
Apple, Adobe, and Openness: Let’s Get Real
HTML5 And Flash: Why It’s Not A War, And Why Flash Won’t Die

WebM Project
WebM: Why We Should Be Excited
The first in-depth technical analysis of VP8
VP8 and Google I/O 2010: The good, the bad, and the unfortunate
VP8, WebM, and HTML5 video
WebM/VP8 and Handheld Devices. Ti Already On The Ball.

Semantic Web startup Inform Technologies grabs former Joost CEO as CTO

Gatekeeper Abuse:
Attorney General Tom Corbett Subpoenaes Twitter To Identify Anonymous Critics
Minimal Competence: Data Access, Data Ownership, and Sharecropping.
Independence in
The Era of the Aggregators

With aggregators, it’s easy to tighten or loosen the definition of what’s “acceptable” content. If you can’t get your product into an aggregator, what chance do you have of selling it?

UI/Web Design:
The new era of the touch Web
The havoc the XML purists wrought
jQuery for Designers
Why JavaScript is a toy language
The Small Print: Writing UI Instructions
SliderNav: iPhone-Style Contact Lists Using JQuery and CSS
Facing Fonts in HTML
Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration
Learn: Anatomy of a Typeface
Introducing the Google Font API & Google Font Directory
Free Fonts
HTML5 webTV & video player

B&N follows Amazon into vanity e-publishing
Now they come for the comics: Ka-Blam
Nothing new: Strategy of the giants ‘light years’ from the book trade
Are in the Flux Vortex
The iPad will not save publishing
Citadel: Life After Bankruptcy
A $20 Million Bid to Buy Perez Hilton
It gave us Scott, Hogg and Darwin … now Scottish publishing faces extinction
48 HR Magazine Experiment Big Hit, Except for That Part About the Lawyers
Amazon as Book Publisher May Change the Game for the Industry
A field trip to the Internet Archive

Don’t bite the shit sandwich
I’m proud to be Unicorn-Free
Cory Doctorow: ‘It Is Impossible to Monetize Obscurity’
Publish or Parish: Why Is Novelist Robert Girardi Cleaning His Church?
The Wally Wood Letters: 1976-1981
What the new success books don’t tell you about superachievement
Sales of Bingo Card Creator Per Month
The Reporter Who Time Forgot: How Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day changed journalism
1: Star Trek, Darkover, Thunderbirds, and Fan Fiction: An Interview With Joan Marie Verba (Part One)
2: Star Trek, Darkover, Thunderbirds and Fan Fiction: An Interview With Joan Marie Verba (Part Two)
Frank SInatra on talent and fame
Vulture Exclusive: How Robin Hood Nearly Destroyed the Russell-Ridley Relationship
Elmore Leonard On Movies, iPads, And Why ‘Freaky Deaky’ Is Finally Getting Made
My First Published Book
Word Fails Me

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