Barnes & Noble Turns ePublisher

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming.

Those of you who never expected this, leave the Internet now!

Sunday, October 25th, 2009: The Secret Weapon Of Barnes & Noble

There has been plenty of coverage about the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader.

All of it has overlooked something that’s very important.

Barnes & Noble is also a publisher.

And now they’ve shown how they intend to be an ePublisher.

This is not the route I would have chosen for them, but like Sears and Kmart announcing this week they’re getting into the Cash For Gold business — it’s not really surprising to see Barnes & Noble doing a Cash For Words play like this. Except, you know, without giving away any of the actual cash in advance.

Things still to be learned:

1) What cut they will take
2) How they will showcase these books
3) Content restrictions
4) Who owns the ISBN
5) What rights they will try to steal
6) How translation/foreign territories are handled

All of you jumping on these bandwagons, good luck with sabotaging your long-term future thinking short-term moves like these are to your advantage!

They’re not.

You give up your autonomy, you weaken your brand, you risk premature overexposure, you undermine your ownership rights, and you wind up being an indistinguishable guppy lost in someone else’s fishbowl.

In short, exactly the kind of dismissable desperate moron Harlan Ellison rails about here:

Some of you writers out there braying about the alleged success you’re enjoying right now, come back in ten years and let’s see if you’re still around and still bragging about things.

I don’t think you will be.

And you will have created your regrets with no one else to blame.

6 responses to “Barnes & Noble Turns ePublisher

  1. The big difference between traditional publishers and e-pubs like Amazon and B&N’s PubIt! is that the latter are retailers that have no vested interest in producing quality books. Their goal is volume and they don’t mind selling junk to make money.

  2. Wait! They spelled “PulpIt!” wrong!

  3. LMAO!!!

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  5. Ray Saunders

    You’d have to be pretty naive to think that Traditional Publishers don’t “sell junk to make money”. They do it all the time. There are many issues issues re self-pub or Vanity pub or a mix of the two, but quality of the writing is not really the biggie.

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