iPad Links: Friday, May 21, 2010

Kittens still alive.

No big Net sweep today due to hardware change. Had to uninstall one brand of printer, install a different one. Uninstalling took about ninety frikkin minutes! And that, HP, had better not be a taste of what you might do to webOS! As for the other printer, both the CD-ROM and web-download versions of the drivers failed to install. Maybe you should rethink selling printers, Kodak!

After the break, a shorter Links post than usual.

Casino America Unabated: Whistle-Blowers Become Investment Option for Hedge Funds
Student Protests Tie Up Campuses in Puerto Rico

A man you have never heard of died. He changed your life.

Archos 7 Home Tablet Unboxing + Erster Eindruck
1: Building A Calculating Machine Using LEGO Pieces
2: Robinson’s Difference Engine #1

The secret to Apple’s success?
Top Pros Do The Little Things That Set Them Apart

He gets it: iPad will change “human behaviour”, says Yahoo!

iPad eBook Creation:
iPad CSS Serious Fun with Noteboxes
Hyphenation in ePub Continued

Android for iPhone 3G, Now Available for Download
Quality over Quantity: How We Built iTeleport into a Profitable Business on the App Store

Gatekeeper Abuse:
Obama administration removes St. Louis professor from oil spill effort over website writings
Ben Franklin would have understood the plight of Twitter clients
But not its own Safari: Apple Classifies Opera Mini As Porn App on iPhone
Hey! You! Get Off Of My Cloud!

Google: I don’t trust them.
If Froyo and Google TV is the best Google has to offer, they’re in trouble
One step closer
Google’s “Royalty-Free” WebM Video May Not Be Royalty-Free For Long
First Look: H.264 and VP8 Compared

UI/Web Design:
Web Publishing, Design & Dynamic Content
Webble was written using HTML, JavaScript and CSS but does not make use of the HTML5 canvas element
CSS Mini Reset
Our solar system: webkit animation using CSS3
Google Font API FAQ

RapidShare didn’t infringe on copyrights, says US court
E-Books Rewrite Bookselling
The Digital Download Is Dead
Saying information wants to be free does more harm than good
Argon Fails to Raise Euros for Cory Doctorow Audiobook
Nice Work ASCAP: Convinces Yet Another Coffee Shop To Stop Promoting Local Bands
The Price Of Music Is Based Mostly On Ideology
Armageddon or Radio’s Promised Land
The More the Less Merry
Why Open Road’s Stuck in a Loop
The Nation faces $1,000,000 deficit
Stanford University prepares for an amazing “bookless library”

FREE ePub eBook: Get a Load of This by James Hadley Chase
Exploring a City
More Hollywood theft: Author in Heroes copyright claim
Look at Me!
Everybody Sucks
Robert J. Serling dies at 92; one of the nation’s top aviation writers
In Which I Pitch a Hissy Fit About Marketing
The Book of MPub


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