Daily Archives: August 5, 2010

Micro Fondle: Amazon Kindle DX Graphite

My final destination after micro-fondling both the Kobo Reader and the Sprint 4G HTC EVO phone was J&R, to get that damn thermal compound.

Walking into J&R, I was smacked in the face with a sign announcing one of their famous J&R Exclusives — they’re now selling the Amazon Kindle DX Graphite!

This is the latest model that has the allegedly higher-contrast Pearl eInk screen.

You know I wasn’t going to miss this. Despite the fact the eBook sales guy has seen me a lot — but has never seen me ever buy a device from him — he allowed me to give it a spin without any complaint.

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Micro Fondle: Sprint 4G HTC EVO Phone

After Borders, where I micro-fondled the Kobo Reader, I stopped in Sprint. The large posters trumpeting the HTC EVO caught my eye and I figured I’d take the shot.

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There it is, displaying the mobile version of my Tumblr.

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Micro Fondle: Kobo Reader

This is the first of three micro fondle reports today. The other two are the Sprint 4G HTC EVO and the Amazon Kindle DX Graphite with new Pearl eInk screen.

I had to go to lower Manhattan today to buy some thermal compound. Since I made a point of also carrying the damn camera, I stopped in Borders to see if I could finally get a picture of the Kobo Reader.

Well, lo, there was a Borders rep with a live demo model I could try out!

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