Apple Will Do A Seven-Inch iPad This Year

I don’t see how Apple can not do this.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android 2.2-based tablet with a seven-inch screen.

It looks damn slick in this promo video.

Click = big

I don’t see how Apple can let smaller and less-expensive tablets such as this tempt people away from the iPad.

The iPad is vulnerable both on the issues of price and size.

While $499 is really an impressive price for what an iPad delivers, people might look at a lower-priced Android tablet such as this and go with Good Enough — just as those who are stuck on, or prefer, current cellphone carriers make do with an Android-based cellphone instead of the iPhone they’d rather have.

And that size issue matters too. Just ask any woman who would prefer technology that’s easily toted in a shoulder bag versus one that must be carried separately in a hand.

The price/size nexus is what drove sales of netbooks too.

In these financially-stressed times, people don’t have money to spend twice. If they wind up with a lower-priced Android tablet, that pushes an iPad purchase further away. That’s money lost by Apple.

Steve Jobs must understand this. And delivering the iPad first in a large edition blunted all the critics who would have called a seven-inch iPad too small to be practical or useful.

Now that people understand just how good an iPad is, making it less expensive, smaller, and lighter would be icing on the Win cake.

With Samsung due to announce its Galaxy Tab on September 2nd, will we begin to see credible leaks for a seven-inch iPad? I think so.

Let’s wait and see.

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