Daily Archives: July 29, 2010

Are There No BAD Amazon Customer Stories?

Found this Comment at a site that prefers not to be linked to:

I have a launch Kindle 2. I love the device for all of the same reasons that [another commenter] listed. I never had any problems with it until this past weekend. I turned on the 3G and hit the ‘sync/update’ option. I knew that it was going to download and install the newer 2.5 update (which added the long-needed ‘collections’ feature which allows you to arbitrarily group your books). Well it bricked the device. I’m not sure how it happened. I was well outside (~6 months) the 1 yr warranty. I called them up and they overnighted a brand-new K2 at no cost. (At least it looks brand-new, it could be a really well-preserved refurb). That kind of experience is why I really like Amazon and the Kindle.

Amazon thinks nothing of shipping out an expensive piece of hardware at the drop of a hat to satisfy a customer.

Meanwhile, Dell still dicks me around over a plastic part that was built wrongly.

Which company is serious about staying in business?