Amazon, Customer Service, And Twitter

Had problem w refurb Kindle. Called AMZN & they are shipping out a replacement immediately. That is some pretty awesome CSMon Jul 26 13:57:29 via Osfoora HD

@jane_l What was the problem?Mon Jul 26 14:03:26 via Echofon

@mikecane scratch on the screen or something on the screen.Mon Jul 26 14:06:18 via Osfoora HD

@jane_l And you noticed after how much use?Mon Jul 26 14:07:55 via Echofon

@mikecane ah, recently? (a little shy of a month)Mon Jul 26 14:14:02 via Osfoora HD

@jane_l And now this will be a post!Mon Jul 26 14:16:41 via Echofon

@mikecane I’m glad I can serve a blog fodder for youMon Jul 26 14:20:51 via Osfoora HD


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