Countdown To Google Editions

What Is Google Editions?

Next week is the final week of July. The launch window for this was touted as late June, July.

There are two possible problems:

As a wholesaler for the independents, Google’s plan is to provide retailers with a single digit share of the revenue generated.

Single digit share of revenue? So, basically indie print booksellers will be getting what amounts to a Tip Jar from Google?

And then there’s the possible real-life customer experience:

Customer: Oh my god! I saw your sign. You have eBooks now!

Bookseller (proudly): Yes, we do!

Customer: This is so great! Now I can buy from you for my Kindle!

Bookseller: Um, no. Not exactly …

Because the Kindle does not do ePub. And so far there’s been no indication that Google Editions will push out Kindle-format eBooks.

And how would that work if they did, anyway? Google to Amazon to Kindle? It seems to me Amazon would want a cut of the action too.

Maybe that’s why the Google Editions payout to stores is a Tip Jar.


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