The Kindle Store UI Is Full Of FAIL

So, now that I’m an ersatz Kindle user, I decided to tool around the Kindle Store for some freebies.

Wow, it’s full of speedbumps.

“Free” doesn’t really list all the free books. Instead “free kindle books” really does. But even then, you have to click on each Category of book, otherwise good bloody luck!

And then I wound up getting this!

Click = big


There should be a button for Free. And then within that, another breakdown between actual books and all these damned excerpts that clutter the results.

I hope using the Kindle Store is actually better via the Kindle, because wrestling with the Kindle Store via the web makes me wonder how the hell Amazon managed to win with such a complex and screwball interface.


Try to explain away this one!

Click = big

Is anyone awake at The Kindle Store?


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