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Bowker Plans To Bleed Writers, Kill Agents

I learned about Bowker Manuscript Submissions today from an URL tweeted by @selfpubreview. I didn’t pay much attention because I was busy with other things and the site didn’t look complete.

Hours later, my curiosity kicked in.

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The Kindle Store UI Is Full Of FAIL

So, now that I’m an ersatz Kindle user, I decided to tool around the Kindle Store for some freebies.

Wow, it’s full of speedbumps.

“Free” doesn’t really list all the free books. Instead “free kindle books” really does. But even then, you have to click on each Category of book, otherwise good bloody luck!

And then I wound up getting this!

Click = big


There should be a button for Free. And then within that, another breakdown between actual books and all these damned excerpts that clutter the results.

I hope using the Kindle Store is actually better via the Kindle, because wrestling with the Kindle Store via the web makes me wonder how the hell Amazon managed to win with such a complex and screwball interface.


Try to explain away this one!

Click = big

Is anyone awake at The Kindle Store?

Odyssey Editions: No Covers?

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (Kindle Edition)

Oh my god. That is tasteless, ghastly, and cheap.

Give them a proper cover! Even if it’s just a photo of the author!

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Get Over It: Kindle Has Won

Get Over It: Kindle Has Won

Andrew Wylie, April 2010:

Andrew Wylie, July 2010:

Literary Agent Plans E-Book Editions

The literary agent Andrew Wylie said on Wednesday that he would begin his own publishing venture, called Odyssey Editions, which will produce e-book editions of titles by some of his clients, including Saul Bellow, John Updike and Philip Roth.

Mr. Wylie said his new company would focus on older titles whose digital rights are not owned by traditional publishers. The books will be available exclusively at Amazon’s Kindle store for two years.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What does that last line not say?

It does not say:

“The books will be available exclusively at Apple’s iBookstore store for two years.”

“The books will be available exclusively at the Barnes & Noble’s Nook store for two years.”

“The books will be available exclusively at the Kobo eBook store for two years.”

“The books will be available exclusively at Sony’s Reader store for two years.”

“The books will be available exclusively at Smashwords for two years.”

“The books will be available exclusively at Scribd for two years.”

So Wylie, one of the most prominent literary agents in the print publishing business, went exclusively with Kindle. Joining the ranks of others who have done so, such as Stephen Covey and J.A. Konrath.

I don’t think there has been a bigger Kindle hater than I have been. I’ve even gone so far as to Block Kindle blogs and websites from Following me on Twitter.

So, if I’m here having to acknowledge that Kindle is now the standard for eBooks, it’s only because it is so.

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