Android’s Meaningless Marketshare

I just read a post gloating about the iPhone losing market share: iPhone Second Quarter 2010 in Bloodbath: Market Share is Declining where All Big Rivals picking up.

When people say “Android” is gaining market share, that’s meaningless.

There’s Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, and upcoming 2.2. With 3.0 already gaining buzz for upcoming fall/new year products.

Each of these is very different from one another and the bottom end — 1.5 — is virtually worthless!

So what does “Android” really mean?

And this is how “Android” has been gaining its marketshare:

Click = big

Close-up of the poster on the left:

Click = big

You don’t see BOGO for iPhones! And you don’t see iPhones given away for free or “sold” for a penny, as I’ve seen at carriers for “Android.”

“Android” can grow all it wants. That doesn’t say anything about how satisfied people are with “Android” or whether they went for “Android” because their carrier doesn’t have iPhone.

“Android” is like the Commodore-64 was: What people buy when they can’t get/afford an Apple product. Back then it was the Apple II. Today, it’s the iPhone.

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