Cheap Chinese Android Tablets: Do Not Buy

If you swan through eBay or Craigslist, you’re bound to come across ads for devices that look like this:

Or this:

Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from these things. Aside from the fact they’re all crappy fall-apart sucker bait, there is an important functional issue that makes them worthless: No Menu or Back buttons.

I’ve gotten a report that states people who wasted their money on these wind up trying to use Aldiko for eBook reading — and become stuck! There’s no Menu button to call up the options for things like type size, etc. And once you’re in a book, you can’t go back to the Library to select another.

Forget trying to get some sort of Sekrit Deal via China. That’s not going to happen, period. I’ve posted about the Pandigital Novel and the Cruze Reader and the Archos line of Android tablets. Stick with those if you desperately want/need want Android on a tablet.


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