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Photos Cloned From eBay: Hacked Pandigital Novel

I’m not even going to link to the listing because some people might get the idea that I’m recommending this, involved with this, or selling this. None of those happen to be the case. I simply got curious and got on eBay moments ago and started searching for the Pandigital Novel.

These are photos showing a Pandigital Novel hacked to run other Android applications. It looks like the same method that Nate used.

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Apple: Trust Us? Me: No.

Jobs: “haven’t we earned the credibility and the trust of the press?” <- FUCK NO! Book censorship is why, bitches!Fri Jul 16 18:08:38 via web

Meanwhile, I’m not ready to get back to this blog yet. I see 262 Comments festering away (this is the count WordPress gives me; I’m not peeking at any of them). You haven’t been squelched. You haven’t been gotten to.


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