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The iPad And iPhone Are Love

July 11, 2010: It’s As If Apple Has Hired Don Draper

In the iPhone 4 FaceTime commercial, that’s exactly what Apple is playing up. As we’re all well aware, video chat, even on phones, is nothing new. Sure, Apple has simplified it, but they’re not really showcasing that here. Instead they’re going right for the heart strings. They’re doing something rather incredible. They’re conveying how you’ll feel if you use the product, by making you feel alongside those in the commercial.

March 13, 2007: Does Apple Hold The Key To Breaking Open Computing Everywhere?

So something else is happening here. I think people connect with a MacBook — with Apple products in general — in a way they don’t, even can’t, connect with Windows notebooks or other non-Apple devices. I think that connection is emotional. And it’s not emotional in the way the Apple bashers believe it is: “Oh, look at him with his MacBook. He just thinks he’s so cool. If he wasn’t so concerned with appearing cool, he’d have a less-expensive Windows notebook. All really smart people do.” It’s not about the emotions of the user. It’s about the emotional content of the device itself.


Further, I think if Apple does indeed release a subnotebook, and offers it at a price that isn’t too much of a premium price (as everyone expects from an Apple product), Apple has the opportunity to create what Microsoft failed to do with UMPC: the idea that a computer is something that should be carried everywhere.