iPhone 4 Day: NYC Apple Store SOHO

I got on the 6AM ferry over to the city to document the first day of sale for the iPhone 4. There are over 40 pictures here. They’ve been resampled down to VGA resolution; click any to make bigger. A few have been cropped for closeups.

Approaching the Apple Store in New York City’s SOHO district.

Aha, a line! How long is it?

But first: That’s an iPhone 4 display. We’ll get to that later.

Let’s turn the corner …

… and pull back …

… and pull back …

… and we begin to pivot …

… and we pivot, and …

… then we show it from the end …

… and there’s the corner. Is that all? What, are you stupid? Do you think this line is just a bunch of bankers waiting for bailouts? Don’t be so damned stupid!

We turn the corner and it stretches …

… and stretches …

… to the next corner! Is that all? Are you insane? Do you think these are just politicians lined up for corporate bribes?! This is an Apple line!!!

We turn the corner and it goes on …

… and on …

… and on, nearly taking up three full sides of a big New York City block! Where is your Android god now, EVO buyers?

And check the timestamp, baby: this is 6:54AM!

There’s that iPhone 4 window display. So close …

… and cropped to make it bigger. No one is watching you — click for the bigger!!!

All this time, the doors have been covered by black curtains …

… and now they begin to fall …

… and fall …

… and they’re gone! It’s like the fall of the Berlin Wall — but without all those filthy nasty impoverished East Germans looking to steal our women, pollute our Purity of Essence, and defile our Precious Bodily Fluids!

The doors are opening!!!

And the doors are open! The Apple employees give everyone The Clap — errrrr, clapping.

And there he is! The One. That is, Mr. First One On Line.

And people go in!

And then we waited … and waited … and waited … and this was nowhere near as fast as the iPhone 1.0 line. That line was just as long but the SOHO store got rid of it in an hour flat. This one was like the iPad line — people go in and they never seem to come back out. I swear, there were actually people who went in who I never saw leave. What the hell were they doing in there?!!

Finally! The first person to leave with an iPhone 4! And he ditched all of us, never doing a Happy Dance for the cameras! Note that he is not Mr. First One On Line.

Close-up action: the first iPhone 4 breathing free New York City air!

Finally, someone willing to cash in on his fifteen seconds of transient fame! Being interviewed by someone who claimed she was with CNN Money (but I think she was a Google plant!).

He brought along his older iPhone, either to shame it or to mate with the 4 to produce a 5. Tech sex: Ur Doin It Wrong!!!

Another buyer who refused to prance for the press! Hey you, I’m a blogger!

Ah, but she stopped to gloat … um, be happy.

Believing that New Yorker cartoon, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog,” this puppeh pre-ordered and then was refused his iPhone 4. Stupid puppeh, they know you’re a dog when you show up in person!!

Yes! Someone who stops for a picture. A five-dollar bribe well-spent, I say!

This guy either bought a ton of iPhone 4 or he severely overpacked for camping out on the line!

A pair of brothers with a pair of iPhone 4!

And there he goes! Mr First One On Line, snubbing us all.

Wait. Whoa! What’s that?

It’s an iPad! It’s the first one I’ve seen in the wild. OK, it was a frikkin Apple line. Call it the semi-wild.

Dig it. He was using his new iPhone 4 to call his girlfriend. WTF is a “girlfriend”? I’ll have to wikipedia that later.

Look! The first iPhone 4 shedding Retina Display electrons into free New York City air! Put your nose closer to smell the future!!

Then I learned that for today, the Apple Store was given over to two kinds of people: those who had reserved an iPhone in advance and those people without lives who would wait on line in 90-degree-plus humid heat in order to enter the Apple Store. Yo, I waited several hours to fondle the iPad on iPad Launch Day. Today, I didn’t have that in me.

Timestamp of me leaving. Given the slowness of people entering and exiting, it felt a hell of a lot longer than that!

Meanwhile, over at Apple’s Very Good Partner, AT&T …

Click for Very Big to read and to revel in their humiliation! Hey, how special do you feel now, AT&T? Do you think stabbing iPad 3G buyers in the back might have had something to do with this?

Speaking of the iPad, Phase Two of the ads have been coming out all over New York City.

On my way back, I decided to stop in Borders to see how cutting edge the world of print publishing and bookselling is going to be to counteract the iPad tsunami of over three million sold and I saw this:

Bwahahahahahaha! So, I guess we’ll all be there for Borders’ ginormous going out of business sale later this year!

Timestamp of me getting off the crash-prone ferry because like, what, I’m in a hurry to get back to Satan Island?

And that was iPhone 4 Launch Day over here. Was it good for you too?

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