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Blog Status Report

The blog is not dead. I am very busy with something that will take up to two more weeks.

In the meantime, I just pop in when I want to, in order to drop in what I think is an important post or two.

Comments are not even being looked at. They’re all stacked up in a queue that seems to be at least 75 long (there are probably pingbacks and spam in that number too). I will get to them when I can concentrate on the blog again.

The kittens turned seven weeks old yesterday. No new picture — because I am busy. Besides, I don’t want them to think they’re celebrities and start making demands. They’re already choosy about the solid food they’ll eat, dammit.

I am way behind in my reading on the Net and I’ve been missing a lot of important stuff. The Most Important Stuff that I trip over in my very brief periods online have all been bookmarked. That will eventually be a Links post that will put me on life support afterwards.

One note: I have no desire for an iPhone 4 since I learned its metal sides are actually its antenna. I wouldn’t hold any cellphone by its damned antenna and I’m not going to make an exception for Apple, so they won’t be getting a sale from me on this one. They’d better not screw up the next iteration of the iPod Touch like that or it will be another No Sale.

Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

A Rare Book That Costs More Than An iPad: For FREE!

Callaghan Would Be The Rare One for This Year

The source for Miss Callaghan, rare as all heck, did run me over $600 from Amazon UK. Only edition. No cover. Would’ve been a lot cheaper if I’d waited for the pound to crash, but, you know, I must have the precious.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

And now it’s set free, in e: Miss Callaghan Comes To Grief by James Hadley Chase

Grab the ePub version, drop into iTunes, sync your iPad, and read!


James Hadley Chase tribute page
James Hadley Chase tribute blog

Sony: All Baloney

Electrons cloned from Drudge Report:

Sony CEO gets $8.8 million annual pay amid losses

Sony expects to return to the black in the current financial year to March 2011, forecasting a net profit of 50 billion yen on revenue of 7.6 trillion yen.

I highlight that paragraph because I want everyone to mark that in their calendars.

I expect Sony will still be in the red.

In the meantime, I expect the Sony Reader Touch to remain at $199.00 (a higher price would altogether doom it) and Sony to come out with a rotten tablet that will be laughed at by everybody.

And Sony’s 3D TVs will go down as one the biggest disasters in the history of both Sony and consumer electronics — which is what Howard Stringer himself has already been.