Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

Quiet! Dinosaurs At Work!

Still otherwise busy, but I had to note this:

Hey AAP, spin how you like but if e-book sales are at $27.4 million, that means they’ve been dropping through 2010. http://mbist.ro/bEUMZgWed Jun 16 18:22:12 via Seesmic

But to spell out the e-book sales drop in 2010: January $31.9 million. February: $28.9 million. March: $28.5 million. April: $27.4 million.Wed Jun 16 18:29:39 via Seesmic

Sarah thinks I should wait for the May numbers to gloat. I disagree.

The Agency Model has fewer eBookstore outlets than before and all the eBooks are just about the same price everywhere now. What’s not all-FAIL about any of that? When you screw the customer like that, expect such a revenge effect.