How To FAIL At Free Speech

Will Beck and Limbaugh be next?

FIRST, THEY CAME for Helen Thomas. Who will be next β€” Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the other purveyors of shocking statements, on the right and left?

He does well, until he FAILs:

There was plenty of reason to believe it was more than time for Thomas to give up that front row seat. Her style of questioning long ago crossed from skeptical to unprofessional.

What, exactly, is a “professional” question?

This ties in nicely with a post by Steve Salerno, The deep cleavage between fact and fancy, who makes this point:

… you are required to say something pretty, or say nothing at all.

Hey, when it’s this:

Emperor’s New Clothes no.3 by ~sabphoto on deviantART

… say it’s that.

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