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Dial M For Mother

The iPhone Of The Future

Not much there about the “future,” really.

So go read this: Mother Box.

I see I’m not the first person to notice this.

Not even second.

How To FAIL At Free Speech

Will Beck and Limbaugh be next?

FIRST, THEY CAME for Helen Thomas. Who will be next — Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the other purveyors of shocking statements, on the right and left?

He does well, until he FAILs:

There was plenty of reason to believe it was more than time for Thomas to give up that front row seat. Her style of questioning long ago crossed from skeptical to unprofessional.

What, exactly, is a “professional” question?

This ties in nicely with a post by Steve Salerno, The deep cleavage between fact and fancy, who makes this point:

… you are required to say something pretty, or say nothing at all.

Hey, when it’s this:

Emperor’s New Clothes no.3 by ~sabphoto on deviantART

… say it’s that.

Death By Microsoft Windows XP

After enjoying a malware-free day or two, BAM! I got hit again last night!

And it’s a nasty nasty nasty one: AV Security Suite (AVSecuritySuite) Virus Removal Guide

And that got in while I had resident Avast! 5 anti-virus running!

Penetrated that shield like a slow knife in Dune.

And it brought along some friends too, namely SmitFraud, which I battled for nearly a week about three years ago!

So dig it. The malware was killing access to all my programs. Months ago, I downloaded Process Explorer and that saved my ass. It allowed me to kill the processes and begin to gain the upper hand.

A Quick Scan by Malwarebytes came up with four infections. An overnight Full Scan revealed one more.

But wait! This is Microsoft’s OS. You think that would be the end of it? [Insert Bitter Laugh]

I then did a Full Scan with Avast! 5 and it came up with three more infections!

So, another eighteen hours of my life wasted thanks to the shoddy workmanship of Microsoft.

Oh, don’t tell me upgrade to Windows 7. You miss the point: they should have gotten it all right back in the days of XP. It’s inexcusable.

All of you thinking of buying an iPad: Do it! It’s the only way to guarantee you’ll enjoy the Internet — and just the Internet, not its buggering.