Best Buy: Sony Reader Touch Is $199.99

Showing those eejits over at Borders how it’s properly done.

This is from today’s printed newspaper flier:

This is in-store too, not a fly-by-night bait-and-switch scheme.

I’d be tempted again, except kitten maintenance is draining my funds at the moment!

So, $199.99 and they throw in a $29.99 cover for free, for an effective steal of a price of $170. If you’ve wanted an eInk reader, go buy it.

To review the high points:

1) You’re not locked into one store, like Kindle or Nook
2) It’s the fastest damned eInk device out there
3) It has a touchscreen
4) It can do Notes and Highlighting
5) Free eBooks via public library loans!

The low points:

1) No wireless whatsoever
2) All eBooks must be added via USB cable syncing
3) Screen a bit less sharp due to touch layer

Ginormous clickable photo after the break.

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