iPad Links: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This has been Shit Week.

Shit Week is expected to continue until at least Tuesday of next week.

This Links post is ginormous and is behind the break. I did not get to do a sweep of the Net because, as I stated, this is Shit Week. I will probably not get to sweep the Net until the end of Shit Week.

1: The Death of the Open Web
2: Now We Know: xkcd: Infrastructures
3: If they aren’t ready to listen, it doesn’t matter what you say

Don’t Talk to the Cops

Why Does Steve Ballmer Still Have a Job?
Facebook’s Culture Problem May Be Fatal

What’s taking so long, Mr. Babbage?
The secret life of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
Say goodbye to search analytics

1: Obviously, HP Thinks We Are Stupid
2: DRM for Printer Ink!!! HP subdivides the world
Scandal! Archos 8 has a 7-inch screen according to FCC
YouTube: Dell Streak (aka Dell Mini 5) first impressions
Standing Desk Experiment and Experiences

Twitter’s New Ad Policy And The Dangers Of Tying Your Business To Another
A/B test case study: how two magical words increased conversion rate by 28%

Pennsylvania AG Dropping Twitter Subpoena
How real-world corruption works
Criminal profilers: Whodunnit?

Duh, someone else wakes up: iPad definitely a threat to Windows
Wired Coming to Apple’s iPad — With Adobe
iCab Mobile Review: Better iPad Browsing
30 percent of netbook shoppers bought an iPad instead, survey says
Usability Ain’t Everything – A Response to Jakob Nielsen’s iPad Usability Study

iPad eBook Creation:
ePub Production links May 26
In reverse order: Archive of eBook Production group

Why iAds will fail
Is Apple really Big Brother?
Unwire me, please.
Apple Is Said to Face Inquiry About Online Music
GPL Enforcement in Apple’s App Store

The FroYo update: what phones get Android 2.2?
ARGH! Requires 2.1 or higher: Introducing Adobe Reader for Android
Hulu trix0red into running on FroYo
*cough* bullshit *cough*
While Google fights on the edges, Amazon is attacking their core
Google vs Apple: Google Doesn’t Need To Win
Extensions to Push to Android Froyo

UI/Web Design:
Commenting on the future
Bye bye pixels
Google Maps’s City “Dots” are Inconsistent, Deceptive
Video: Train (or How I Dumped Electricity and Learned to Love Design)
Scribd: HTML5 revamp led to users spending twice as long on the site
Stop Using the text-indent:-9999px CSS Trick
Advice on CSS you’ll wish your mother told you
Semantic CSS Grids With SASS
Designing iPhone Icons
Responsive Web Design
HTML5 Watch
Flavors.me Drops Flash for Web Fonts Using @font-face in HTML5
Using CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animation
2379 Free Web Design Icons

Children ‘more likely to own a mobile phone than a book’
Suicide: Oregon Voters Choose to End Operation of 98 Year Old Library System
1: Cluelessness at Warp Ten: BEA 2010: The CEO Panel (“The Value of a Book”)
2: Publishing and Perishing: The Book Industry Struggles With the Future
3: BookExpo CEO Round Table
He hates anesthesia too: The End of an Era in Publishing
Panel Discussion: “The Book on Google”
Yeah, for $15-$20 eBooks: The New Perfect E-reader Price: $99
The $3-$5 book
Why I Quit Touring with The Black Eyed Peas
the unbook talk
How To Do FAIL: E-Mail Of The Day
The Awesome Power of the Radio Personality
Gaga and Bieber’s managers: MySpace is dead, we make music videos for YouTube
The future of monetizing a mobile web app
Teenagers make $170k on Apple iPhone OS platform
Come party with Lady Gaga
AdViews: A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials
RSS Replay

1: Thundercats writer Zephyrhills case now a possible homicide
2: Thundercats/Silverhawks Writer Missing; Possibly Murdered
3: And monetary crooks go free A Letter from Steve Perry
4: My Friend Steve Perry: Remembering the Man & His Work, Part 1
5: My Friend Steve Perry: Remembering the Man & His Work, Part 2
6: My Friend Steve Perry: Remembering the Man & His Work, Part 3
Free PDF book: Introduction to Statistical Thought
The Chain Story Project
Video series (Flash): Popular Unrest
Neil Gaiman: Ray Bradbury made me want to write
After keeping us waiting for a century, Mark Twain will finally reveal all
Writer FAIL
“Zaat” and the Poetics of Despondent Indifference
9 unsavoury character traits of real authors
Treasure Island: How TV serials achieved the status of art


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