Archos 7 Home Tablet User Guide

Pop over to the Archos site and select Support and then from the drop-down menu choose Documentation.

Then at the drop-down menu there, select Archos 7 Home Tablet for a PDF of the User Guide.

I’d post a direct link, but Archos seems to like people to select a country and go in that way. Bah.

It’s old school, with crop marks for actual printing:

Click = big


4 responses to “Archos 7 Home Tablet User Guide

  1. What’s this got to do with iPad?

  2. See the “iPad Versus” category. And I’m interested in it too, because unlike the iPad it can do the video files I and most people have here in the real world: DiVX/XViD AVI.

  3. Yeah, the iPhone OS only supporting certain mp4 video formats sucks. Other than transcoding, the best solution is to stream video on demand from a real computer using an app like air video. That’s what I do for watching many tv shows on iPad.

  4. Streaming is far down the road for me. So, for now, I need something that will do AVI and is bigger than my LifeDrive. For me, the A7HT is the best thing for that. It’s cheap and can also do eBooks and WiFi web in a pinch.