Strange Days For Writers

On Twitter, @avidbookreader was telling me about one writer and then happened upon this strange cover:

Now that’s unconventional enough in title and design and description …

A picaresque movement in a nameless city. An America engaged in a propaganda-war, determined to clog drug-flow from the Netherlands and the rubble of a broken city on the opposite shore of the Atlantic. The youth who dream in the face of nightmares, who explore themselves with chemicals with sad paint with jail cells with institutions with a belief in something bigger than the flesh that holds them and strong to the constant symphony of junky poetics, melancholy.

… to make me look closer.

And that’s where it got all strange.

Here’s the Barnes & Noble listing @avidbookreader pointed me to:

Click = big

I Googled the writer because I had a suspicion. I might have been able to verify that suspicion by looking more into the B&N listing, but there was something else I wanted to see for myself. And Google confirmed my suspicion that it was a book from Smashwords:

Click = big

Now here’s a very weird thing. The writer is setting the book’s price at Smashwords — and Barnes & Noble is undercutting it!

Somewhere out there, Macmillan CEO John Sargent is yelling, “Aha! You see! You see?!”

Asphalt Flowerhead website (it can be bought on paper)


3 responses to “Strange Days For Writers

  1. Andrew Meit


  2. Undercutting the writer on their own price – fascinating. That cover is still fugly though.

  3. Heh. Mark Coker replied via Twitter and said it doesn’t affect the writer’s royalty.