iPad Links: Monday, May 17, 2010

The kittens are alive but seem to be too twitchy and I still wonder about their survival and what this will all cost.

In the meantime, I didn’t get to sweep the web today but this is still the longest Links post I’ve done and must be put behind a break.

There are some new categories this time. They will appear as warranted in future.

NYC Red Alert: City Libraries Say Cuts Will Mean Closings and Layoffs
At Queens Libraries, a Passion for Japanese Comics Endures

This Is Why I Hate Wall Street People
1: Question Is The Financial System Corrupt?
2: Answer Stratton Oakmont Executives Admit Stock Manipulation
The 10 Most-Likely-to-Default Governments
Dollar Pounds Pound

From 2000, but timeless: The Best Thing I’ve Read All Year

1997: Doc Searls on Steve Jobs

Archos 7 Home Tablet review
FAIL: Google changes Nexus One plans, will stop selling handsets online
HP bought Palm after a five-company bidding war
webOS Shortcuts

Amazon Stealing the Cloud
Conficker worm: The Enemy Within
Amazon.com patents talking during movies, TV shows
Web Browsers Leave ‘Fingerprints’ Behind as You Surf the Net
It’s now official! Qik to bring 2-way video chat with the launch of HTC EVO 4G
Introducing the Google Internet Stats site…

The Three Types Of Education
Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation
Sitting straight ‘bad for backs’
my desk cable management system
Every Tree is a Quantum Mechanic

Why universities should hate the iPad
Why the biggest competitor to iPad news apps may be a familiar icon
YouTube: Blair Underwood talks about Vook on the Today Show!

iPad eBook Creation:
Embedded Fonts in ePub for iPad
Liz Castro: Testing ePubs on iPad – quickly
Liz Castro: Palatino bug in iBooks on iPad
Liz Castro: Text Size in ePubs– Points? Pixels? or Ems? Oh my!
CSS on iPad
Automated Epub Testing on iPads
Persistent Fonts in iBooks
Scaling Graphics in iBooks

Why 3.3.1 matters to me
Hands-on with Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and EyeTV app for iPhone
QuickReader Does FeedBooks & ODPS Catalog
ePub: Ouiivo eReader for iPhone
iPhone App Sales, Exposed
Still here: The teenage app tycoons

Curated hypocrisy: How Google camouflages its attacks on Apple
What’s the bug up Apple’s @$$?
Flash on iPad wouldn’t solve anything (but would strengthen Adobe’s control of the web)
Poll: Apple vs. Adobe

UI/Web Design:
On Turning The Page
The Touch-Friendly Web Keeps on Growing
Scribd’s HTML5 is a mess
Pure CSS3 Page Flip Effect
CSS play – F.a.S.T – Fit and Shrink Technique
CSS3 Starbursts
HTML: Still not all it’s cracked up to be
HTML5 Quick Learning Guide
HTML 5 Asteroids

A Long Handle on Shortened Digital Object Identifiers

Freedom of Expression:
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has passport confiscated

Gatekeeper Abuse:
Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ to Go Prowl Elsewhere
Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns

Bob Miller: HarperStudio Was a Failure
A Tale of Book Industry Transformation
Too late: BA president warns of trade’s future “irrelevance”
Taking “printed” out of print publishing …

Book publishers giving their content to the Kindles and Apples and other hardware vendors of the world because they don’t know how to produce hardware is like their handing over their content to book printers because they don’t know how to print books.

Social Media Changes to Watch
Legal issues raise question over iPad agency model in UK
Reading, Writing, and Explaining
Using Online Games to Get Movie Audiences Involved
Time Warner Cable tries to put brakes on massive piracy case
Wikipedia founder tries to remove alleged kiddie porn, then gives up editorial privileges
Digital Ephemera and the Calculus of Importance
The Waterstones identity rebrand revisited
Announcing the Results of the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Studs Terkel’s Famous Radio Interview Program (1952-1997) Will Be Digitized
1: US$99 COLOR eBook reader Delstar OpenBook E-Book Reader, White
2: Review Delstar Openbook E-reader
3: Buyer Warning Walgreens Delstar OpenBook Reader
4: Delstar site DS1005/1006 e-Book Reader

May 17, 1935: Dennis Potter
The 10 Most Harmful Novels for Aspiring Writers
Victor Gischler talks DEATH OF DRACULA and X-MEN
Joseph Matheny in conversation with author Henry Baum
Marina Fiorato: novelist who wrote in cafés earns £250,000 advance
Editorial: Are Too Many E-books Stealing the Pleasure of Reading?
Scientology was right! Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry <- kiss my ass, you hegemonic bastards
The Tommy James Book
The Three Weissmanns Of Westport

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