Doctor Who Hits A High Point

Doing my bit to balance the accounts between America and the Mother Country, I get to see Doctor Who sooner than the official broadcast on BBC America here.

I’m up to episode seven, which has a script by Simon Nye with direction by Catherine Morshead.

It’s absolutely magnificent. It’s the first episode I’ll have to watch a second time because of the subtlety of the script. Nye — no doubt guided by Moffatt — pulled together several threads begun during the Davies era. But not in any way that’s apparent until the end.

Even the music was better this time. I could hear a Laurie Johnson Avengers influence (homage?).

Set the DVR for this one. You won’t want to miss it. And you will want to watch it a second time too.


One response to “Doctor Who Hits A High Point

  1. Killer episode. We need to see more of the DreamLord, the doctor’s id…