iBooks ePub Photo/Video Sizing

iBooks auto-resizes images (as long as no hardcoded measurements) but not videos. Curious. #eprdctn #video #iPadFri May 14 15:40:34 via Tweetie


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  1. But not always. Which begs the question of when… and the rough answer is when the images are too big to display in the smaller view (e.g., when the iPad is horizontal), they are resized. Otherwise, they are not. So, for example, an image that fills the single vertically-oriented page will be certainly resized when the iPad is rotated to a horizontal two page spread. But a small image that fits perfectly well on the smaller page will not get bigger when viewed on the larger page.

    More details soon.

  2. Thanks! I’m sure you’ll do a post about this and I’ll link to it then.

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