Coming Soon: Piracy As A POLITICAL ACT

SHOCKER: Warner Bros Now Suing ‘Superman’ Rights Lawyer

Warner Bros has lost too many rights cases against its arch-nemesis, lawyer Marc Toberoff, especially the ongoing Superman litigation. So recently the studio hired Daniel Petrocelli to come up with a new strategy to prevent the studio from losing the rights to Superman in 2013 as a court has previously ruled, and Petrocelli has obliged. His hardball tactic: to get rid of Toberoff entirely.

A reminder from a prior post:

More evidence in the Siegel case against DC, dating from 1938 – 1947. Here’s a peach, from exhibit B, which shows use of that most dependable and passive-aggressive classic, time-honored and revered by bullies, pimps, and producers of neither talent nor vision everywhere, in any industry, since time began: don’t forget, we made you, we helped, and so now you owe us everything forever.

And what happens to the profitability of Warner/DC Comics when millions of people decide to act in solidarity with creators and decide not to pay for their digital editions? What happens when piracy becomes a political act? What is Warner/DC Comics going to do? Try to lock up every protester?

People are sick of being ripped off. By government, by corporations, by all forms of so-called Authority. Sick of it, period.

You can’t win this, Suits. Surrender gracefully right now.


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