iPad Links: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The kittens are still alive. Their eyes are beginning to open.

This one has far fewer links, thanks to my stupidity last night.

Home Depot called arrogant, ordered to pay ex-Boca Raton inventor millions more

Facebook Calls All Hands Meeting On Privacy

In Memoriam René Sommer
Open letter to my Facebook friends
The Lost Tribes of RadioShack: Tinkerers Search for New Spiritual Home
Benford’s Law And A Theory of Everything

Portal is Free!

HFT: The High Frequency Trading Scam
How Rev. Moon’s ‘Snakes’ Infested US
New Documents Reveal Truth on NATO’s ‘Most Damaging’ Spy
Robert Fisk: The Arabs have their gulags too

What I Learned This Week: Learning To Love “The Sure Thing”
Beyond Growth – Technoccult interviews Duff McDuffee and Eric Schiller

Five tips for speeding up iPhoto
iPhone Drawings – Everyday a new one!
Applesoft BASIC Interpreter in Javascript

The iPad at Work: Observations from a Programmer, Designer and QA Expert
Local Newspapers on iPad
A Newspaper App Worth A Look
Reading Books on iPad and Kindle: A Comparison
iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple Building Facebook Into iPhone OS
Apple isn’t developing a Flash alternative named Gianduia
RunRev CEO Kevin Miller on revMobile and Apple’s new iPhone SDK Agreement
Apple & the Dark Cloud of Censorship
Rare video of Steve Jobs with Walt Mossberg from D1 and D2 conferences

UI/Web Design:
HTML5 For Drunks
HTML5 must not become the future of the web
Women In Web Design: Group Interview
Thanks, but no thanks Web 3
Uses Flash: Five years of A Magazine
Stanford University Usage Guidelines: Color
Music Notation with HTML5 Canvas
Introducing the JW Player for HTML5
Sexy Image Hover Effects using CSS3
CSS Hover Controls On the iPhone
Webkit CSS Properties
Styleneat: CSS Organizer
20 Fresh High Quality Free Fonts
Scroll down: Free fonts: Modo and Oomix

RIAA wins big in LimeWire lawsuit
OPDS Catalogs 0.9 draft, an Atom-based standard for ebook distribution
Other, less difficult media
You lack credibility, Gizmodo: Open Letter to Steve Jobs: It’s Time to Stop the Censorship
Strangling the Net: Stripping DMCA Protections from YouTube
Fans of Tintin cry foul
Pasadena Playhouse files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
The Information Continuum and the Three Types of Subtly Semi-Structured Information
Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia

Cory Doctorow: For The Win novel
Alan Moore interview
I am Soylent Green: Authors And Social Security Retirement Benefits
The Overactive Editor
SIGIL 0.2.0 Final

3 responses to “iPad Links: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

  1. First I’d like to thank you for making this blog and posting so many interesting links. Second, I’d suggest using dropbox to store your work in progress so that the next time your computer gets taken over you’ll have a better chance of not losing your work.

  2. Andrew Meit

    Thank you for posting the RunRev blog from Kevin. It has been a hard several days for me regarding RevMobile for ip**. In time I will heal from the loss. Jeff, please get your act together and Kindle Jobs’ butt, or did you make a back-room deal with the devil a long time ago??? HP, give us a a Reformation from a rebirth. Show us competing quality can be make and had, not out of dictorial whims.

  3. DropBox wouldn’t have helped. It was a stupid naming convention I was using for the WordPad file that got it trashed by accident. I’ve since changed the way I name them so I’d be surprised if it happened again.