The Ferry Crash Lawsuits Begin

Staten Island ferry rider from Queens to file $5 million lawsuit against city

wrenched his back when the Andrew J. Barberi crashed into the St. George Terminal after an apparent mechanical malfunction.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Hey, stupid! Can you walk?! Unless the use of your legs is totally gone, give the rest of us a break!

I have several compressed discs in my back. I’d put an MRI of my back up against yours and see who wins for true injuries. The difference is, I didn’t use my pre-existing and real back injury as a cheap excuse to turn my fellow New Yorkers into a lottery payday.

I agree with this Comment there:

Go home,take a few muscle relaxers and get the F**K over it already you lazy,opportunistic piece of s**t.

I’ve had back pain that put me out of action for a full week and if the drugs I had as a last resort didn’t work, they were thinking of surgery. Let me tell you, that back pain wasn’t worth $5M in relief. You sissy! Be grateful you’re alive!

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One response to “The Ferry Crash Lawsuits Begin

  1. Andrew Meit

    We in the disabled community are often pissed/shocked/laugh at how those who are wimps concerning their mortality often live, for being disabled or striving to live a self-examined life is not for sissies. ;-) Dealing honestly with one’s own damaged body nurtures character. A wimp often seeks and finds comfort in self-denial, often blaming others too.
    Everyday I am truly grateful I still have a sharp brain, warm curiosity, and lively imagination to seize yet another chance to create, to learn and to help others. When those are gone, I don’t want to be a living doll just so others can profit from my care nor to entertain relatives. I affirm and respect the life cycle. We all have to be reminded from time to time there IS a Beginning, Middle and an End.
    Mike, keep self-examining and keep pushing back. Torment that ipad when you finally get it! Am here to watch. ;-)

    P.S. how are the kittens?