Staten Island Ferry Crash: Final Proof

Yesterday, I posted I Survived Today’s Staten Island Ferry Crash and wrote:

I look out the doors to the lower deck and it’s a full-out disaster. The big ground-level platform has been thrust inward and the connecting area at the rear of it has been driven skyward.


Emergency firemen and cops arrived and maybe after fifteen minutes, they’d set up a metal ramp to get us onto the lower-level exit platform, which was now three-to-four feet above where it was meant to be, and a wooden ramp to get us onto ground-level.

And now on the next page, there are two news photos (this and this) of that. No one who wasn’t on that ferry would have known that. You can’t see Slip 5 like this without having been there aboard the ferry.

The raised dock, the metal ramp, with the skyward plating at back:

The wooden ramp:

And yes, I screwed up the ferry time in my post. Because I was calculating my arrival time on Staten Island. I missed the earlier ferry because I didn’t want to get back to the island at 9. So a 9:30 arrival became a disastrous “9:30 ferry” typo.

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