Staten Island Ferry Crash Update

Updating from earlier: I Survived Today’s Staten Island Ferry Crash

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From The New York Daily News. That’s a photo of the injured Chinese woman I described in my original post.

From Staten Island Live comes this eerie headline:

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And that’s really weird. I liked the Barberi. I liked its plastic bucket seats.

And let me see if can manage to explain how hard this ferry hit with this photo from The New York Post:

OK, the yellow line at the left is the amount of the ferry that normally goes under the overhang pictured right. The blue line shows the alignment of the overhang and, I hope, gives an idea of how far in that damned ferry went. It blasted through a two-foot thick multi-ton ground-level metal ramp and stopped only when it hit the concrete of the terminal itself!

I hope engineers will also investigate the structural integrity of the terminal in that area too!

As for me, my muscles are still sore. I’ll live. A night’s sleep should put me back to normal. Too bad the same can’t be said for that poor woman and the others who were taken to hospitals. I hope they recover fully and quickly.

3 responses to “Staten Island Ferry Crash Update

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  2. The NTSB report on the 2003 incident is pretty interesting.

    Apparently the “Assistant Captain”, who was running the ship, suffered from a momentary blackout and so he did not try to stop the ship before it ran into the pier.


    Click to access MAR0501.pdf

    This incident is completely different – apparently it’s a mechanical failure. There was no mechanical failure in the 2003 accident.


  3. Not the 2003 one, the one after that. There was a mechanical failure that’s been ongoing with some new sort of engine they’ve installed on most of the ferries.

    The 2003 one had a crazy guy at the helm who jumped ship and fled immediately after the crash.